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  • egdm64 egdm64 Dec 16, 2010 5:47 PM Flag

    Where is the communictions to shareholders ?

    Silence will not sell shares either will fluff !Did they start hosp. Testing in U.S.A.?Food processing plants?Govt.contracts ?all we get is silence why ?

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    • egdm64, i was thinkin the same.

      i was going to average down, but ur right, where is the news and outlook?

      anyone, how low do you thing this will go...

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      • This is a scam together with MCVE,IFXY,VIPI,BGMO,GRYE,FLPC,XTOG,BONU,BGMO

        You can read about the crooks who own these shares. They pump the stock and get out with your investment. Read about BGMO scam on the internet. has tons of these listed to buy. I learned the hard way. They come and go so fast it's hard for the SEC to follow. Check out the names of the CFO's and you will find many have been in trouble with other scams. Notice most of these companies have 1-4 employees with no mutual fund holders. The only ones winning are the owners of the companies selling these thousands of shares as soon as they hit a buck or so. You are left holding nothing. Most of these are not even legitimate companies. They are getting away with it every day. Send copies of your stock purchase to the SEC and they can dig into this. The address is on the internet if you type in SEC scam. Send how you were notified about the company and why you bought. You can also fill the forms out over the internet or they provide a fax number too. Sorry. . .

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