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  • coolcatnip_44115 coolcatnip_44115 Jan 11, 2006 3:28 AM Flag

    Just One Time....

    I'd like someone with enough balls, to call the clowns that post, and act like they f'kin "know" something about the Markets and their behavior,.... these very same markets that have "confounded, baffled, befuddled every manner of intellect" who have lost millions and millions of dollars over the decades, ....but yet there are these Yahoo azzoles, posing like they have this aallllll figured out ,just ask then they'll tell ya,.. where stock prices are goin?,... when they're goin there? long are they goin stay there?, why are prices gonna fall?, who's buying?, who's selling?, who's manipulating?.. these Yahoo F'kers know EVERY F'kin THING!!!...please,..just once, someone admit, WE KNOW NOTHING!!! in regard to market dynamics, all of this "advice" based on some "knowledge", gimma f'kin break, knowledge my ass,ok?.. it's bullshit, with some half-assed guessing, and then a little tap dance about why it didn't quite do like they thought, "yeah right asshole. thats what we been tellin you all along".. ..the Market says
    "what was, ain't never goin to be again, you can't figure me out, you can't predict me, and if you think you can,.. try me, make my day..LOL..LOL"

    the market is a living breathing entity that ain't quite lame enough to be figured out by some amateur Yahoo Gurus, chill the Guru Charade and be humbled by your ignorance, dig?

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    • Nobody knows where the market or a stock is going for certain. But you do your research and you figure the probability as best you can and then make your buy/hold/sell accordingly. Hopefully you are more right than wrong.

      There is plenty to be learned, even on a Yahoo board, if you keep your eyes and ears open.

      You discuss, share a bit of research and see if 2 heads are better than one. Maybe you learn something about reading a balance sheet or find out about something you overlooked or misinterpreted in a SEC filing.

      Maybe someone turns you onto a stock that you don't know much about, but find you really like after doing your own DD.

      There is much to be gained in these communities for many.

      In the end, you post your opinion and others will take it for what its worth based on your track record.

      Eventually, time will tell the tale.


    • i think you had to much

      i'm joking. i think hit the nail right on the head. i used to listen to the people on the yahoo message board, but it is full of trash of luck...