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  • robert.worth robert.worth Feb 18, 2012 6:27 AM Flag

    Why VRNG will Rise

    First, for all who claim this is a scam check out their working website go to Facebook and see Facetones. People are downloading thier Apps like crazy... I say this because some people need to touch and feel before they see something is for real. So many will ask why hasn't this skyrocketed? Have you noticed we have been Facebooked out over the last few weeks on all the news media attention on the Facebook IPO. It was total overload. Look how many other stocks rose over the hype and then fell Groupon and Zyngna. All I have to say is at the current price of less than 1.30 this is a true steal when the 52 week low was what 68.

    My take is once the Facebook IPO goes public this stock will soar... Why? Because Facebook will be so over priced people will be jumping into all other stocks associated with Faceebook. How many other stocks have a direct link Facebook and a written agreement like VRINGO. People this is the calm before the storm...... I am buying another boat load on Tuesday... Just my opinion good luck to all..

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    • It will rise this week. Price touched the lower bollenger band last friday causing that brief upside movement to 1.33 and close at 1.27 MACD has crossed over and heading up. The volume should increase as buyers come in taking there positions for a run higher. Chart shows a Flag Pole and Flag pattern created in the last week. A very good indicator that the price will continue trending on another leg upward. Today Investors will be hungry for buying being a long weekend in USA and most parts of Canada.

      Watching this with anticipated rise going higher in the price.
      A good sell target would be measuring the bottom of the flag pole to the top of it and adding that to the price upward. I am estimating the price will rise to near or a little past 2.12 or 2.15 at peak before another pull back to the mid 1.60 - 1.70 price setting up for the next rise or leg up as it is called.

      Best to all Traders and holders with VRNG today

    • when is the FB 's IPO ? I searched and searched and could not find the day.

    • This post is long so I have to break it up into two parts:

      Part I:

      I think this stock is going to rise quite a bit and I'll tell you why.

      Disclaimer: I am NOT a stock expert.

      Disclaimer: I am LONG. Bought in at $1.40

      The recent agreement with Facebook is significant for the following reason.

      Facebook is on the cutting edge of information gathering (based on location, interest, demographics, education, web-browsing etc), and provides an unprecedented platform for targeted advertising.

      Ads are easy to design. Advertising targets are easy to select, and the ad pricing is flexible.

      As technology advances, this is going to get even more refined.

      In my local university town a very influential ad campaign was launched through facebook that was able to very specifically target anyone affiliated with the university.

      Facebook's reach is global. For example, if you want to advertise yoga products, you simply create the ad, and target anyone whose listed interests include yoga (or, you could broaden it to include "fitness," "spirituality," etc), select the countries you want to advertise in (whether it be US, Britian, Australia or Lebanon for that matter), select the advertising price you want (exposure is based on price) and voila!

      The ad appears on the FB page of the target audience. Advertisers get instant feedback on the type of outreach they are having and the amount of interest they are generating (and how much they are spending) based on "clicks."

    • we can all celebrate on Easter.

    • Good points. Another possibility to consider is that the price is being held low to make the company more attractive for takeover. When trading is halted everytime the stock gaps up something is in the works.

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