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  • crabbermike crabbermike Mar 7, 2012 12:23 PM Flag


    I am currently at work at posting without being caught, lol! Anyway, will have an update later when home from work. Talked with Vringo today.
    There is a steady stream of news in the pipeline. Just need the okay from the big companies. Also, 2012 revenues, not 2011!! With just what they have now in the pipeline, revenues for 2012 will be easily 300-400% higher than 2011!! Got to go quickly now!

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    • Mr. crabs thank you for the update I call or e-mail companies all the time.some get back to you some don't.If you remember any thing else I would love to hear it, p.s. where do you crab?

    • Not at all, and I didn't post everything cause I couldn't keep up! He was very excited to where we may go with this. We do have a top notch managemnet team.
      Gotta run, Happy Hour is here! GLTA

    • Crabber is full of Shiz...

      I'm long here, but dont like shady people. This stock doesnt need pumpers

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      • LMAO! First off, I vest enough money that I want to know where my money may go now and in the future. So, thank you. I always follow up with my companies. Now, for the update.

        Today I talked to Cliff Wieden, VP of Corporate Development for Vringo. He came over from a very good job at Maxim Group, to which we will be attending the Maxim Conference at the end of the month.. He decided there was sooo much potential with Vringo that he had to make the move. He has been Very busy, all good things happening right now. He made it clear, nobody on Vringos Management has sold or are planning to sell any shares. They know this thing could be very big. Cliff was Very Careful in what we discussed, the majority is common sense things as well as info found in prior pr's.

        First off, he told me they know they need to communicate more with shareholders and this year that will happen. There is a Very Healthy Pipeline of News comming our way. He told me they are dealing with Large companies that make it difficult to release timely pr's, and I do know that from many companies I have invested in. He also mentione they will be advertising more this year, as the majority has been word of mouth.

        We can expect to see the 2011 numbers by the end of the month. KPMG has just finished. Now I know, we were at 556k through 9 months in 2011. For all of 2010 we did 200k in revenues. I say, repeat, I say, final numbers are 300-400% higher than 2010. Shall see.
        I asked him about 2012, he said with what they currently have, as well as in the pipeline lined up, we shall EASILY see 300-400% revenue growth at Minimum over 2011 numbers!! I feel that is common sense folks, we are just scratching the surface with Facetones, Ringtones, Messaging, Ad paying features.

        Regarding funding, they have No Debt and have had groups comming to them for further funding. They continually turn them away as they do not need it.
        Remember, they are backed by Benchmark Capital as well as Dag!! Nuff said.

        When we talked about potential acquisitions, he said they are always looking for aquisition candidates, mergers, as well as listening to those looking to acquire.

        There was one thing he mentioned that others may know more on. It is the CPM. Currently they make .50 per, this year it will be going to $1 to $2.

        Finally, in our pipeline, things to look for is as follows:
        1. ZTE shipments begin this month, which we know.
        2. More news on new US Carrier deals
        3. Facetone numbers continue to increase
        4. More on Nokia
        5. Numbers
        6. Merger/Acquisitions

        I know I am forgetting some, but this is good enough to make me hold as well as continue to buy in what Could become Huge!

    • sounds good... But Why would they leak such news? Makes no sense... unless you know someone inside....I like the upbeat, but need to see it in print.

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