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  • bjkamin bjkamin Jul 26, 2012 10:35 PM Flag


    1. Posts begin about 3:00A.M. 2. Arguments start to break out about 8:00A.M. 3. To use a seat cushion. 4. Have a dictionary handy 5. Have a calculator handy. 6. How to spell foul words different ways 7. Record any T.V. programs you don't want to miss. 8. Give up your day job. 9. Take Tylenol instead of aspirin 10. Pray.

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    • Sounds like a T-shirt! Sell it through Amazon and advertise facetones on it. LMAO Protect your investment.

      With all the noise on the board what gets lost is that the little VRNGO that traded at 1.76 at the end of March stands before us almost 2$ higher hitting highs in the 4's and 5's on occasion. (VRNG is growing up fast, it seems like just yesterday we were changing its diapers) Over this period thats a hell of a gain. Day to Day any stock is going to drive you nuts. In sports the only relevance to the season is did you make the playoffs. But people will beat themselves up over every play screaming at the tv and yelling at the officials. Its what we do bc what else is there to do. Everything discussed on this board are general principles discussed elsewhere. So until the train derails I say enjoy the ride.

    • LOL - perfect! Great post.

    • 2/10

      Needs more whiskey.

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