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  • rajesh_198911 rajesh_198911 Sep 4, 2012 4:19 PM Flag

    GOOG Legal Team's advice to GOOG Management

    Knows that they will lose the case - settlement will be north of $1.5 Billion. For all those who say that settlement has never been more than 1 Billion till now, I say, nobody till now had made 67 billion in such a small period. We are talking of % here and even 2% of 67 billion is 1.33 billion.

    Sit tight and enjoy for another 2 weeks. Settlement/buyout will be a done deed.

    Note: If there is a buyout, then even more $$$ for VRNG - let us not forget the other offenders in this case, royalties, the Nokia patents.

    If GOOG does not settle and loses, then the fines for willful infringement alone can be triple the original fines and if so, we are talking of at least 3 to 4 billion. That alone should give you guys a hint that GOOG wont risk going to court and losing it all - the money, the reputation, not to mention that it will be recorded in history.

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    • Wrong. Google's legal team is saying "hey management, we've got these guys so beat they are buying patents left and right now- don't cave in we're going to crush them in court and then you can buy'em.

      OR maybe Google's legal team is trying to get VRNG to tap out and take a cheap buy-out as oppose to settlement. Maybe VRNG legal team is saying lets get our patent portfolio together (they do have huge edge in patent arena) and tell google they'll never touch these patents if they don't settle. And, i'm sure Vringo is promising hell on earth for them hence the new Google Hangout patent buy. VRNG is resorting to strategic scare tactics for sure.

      Good point this is a management + legal battle. Someone's doing a cost analysis on both sides. VRNG is def on the offensive side introducing new patents and angles to constantly skew the numbers.

      Anyway my money is on VRNG. They are OBV huge underdog here.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Good points, but it's all speculation up to this point. We all know of the "most likely" situations, but until October 16th comes, no one knows anything for sure.
      What we do know is that at this point, it is best to stop the day trading and hold onto your shares. There has been no indications that VRNG can/will lose this case. The bare minimum is that it goes back up over 4$ which is worth holding onto in itself. Who would be mad at 25% profit?

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