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  • kartallaryuksektenucar kartallaryuksektenucar Oct 16, 2012 7:49 PM Flag

    I am long and will be more than happy with $493M + 0.05% royalties

    Here is why:

    $0.5 for ringtones+$0.5 cash + $1 nokia patents and ZTE suit= $2/share.
    This is what VRNG would be worth it they lose the trial now.

    If they settle for $493M, subtract 20% legal fees. We have about $400M. Divide this by 120M shares you get $3.2/share. Add this to $2 base price.

    You are at $5.2/share.

    If we get 0.05% royalties in US revenues ($30B/year) for 4 years. That equals to $600M. Subtract 20% legal fees (not sure if legal fees applies to royalties). Worst case scenario you have $480M. Divide by 120M shares you have $4/share.

    Add this $4 to $5.2/share

    VRNG will be worth $9.2/share for $493M settlement + 0.05% royalties. I think they should accept this money if offered. They should stop being greedy. They can lose the trial too and they know this.

    Ignore all this #$%$ for VRNG going to $20, $30 etc. This is pretty much the best case scenario.

    Sentiment: Hold

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