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  • inteligionci inteligionci Oct 24, 2012 4:12 PM Flag

    I've gone from $13k to $4k. VRNG is my last hope.

    I have lost nearly all my savings due to my trading in the markets.

    I don't want to trade anymore. Just want my original money back. Going to buy VRNG tomorrow I think.

    I am desperate, this is my last hope. I need that money.

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    • Just short NFLX with cash. It will be a 35-40.00 stock in 12 months

    • dude I lost nearly 20k on Zynga and am just now breaking even on ARNA now after getiing in around 9.50 i need a stock to save my year too dude for the year I am down 25k
      like u I just want my money back pretty sad huh ? makes me wish I stayed in gold and mutal funds

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Short term solution:

      Tomorrow-----Buy 5 contracts of Nov12 $67.50 Call Options for Costco (COST) and sell before it gets to $97.50. Buy 5 contracts of Jan13 $9 Call Options for ARNA and hold for a couple months. Buy 40-50 contracts of Jan13 $3 Call Options for Sirius (SIRI) and hold for a couple months. Buy 10 contracts of Nov, Dec, or Feb Call Options for VRNG and sell when case is settled or buyout.

      Long term solution:

      Meanwhile, learn as much as you can on fundamental analysis and technical analysis from online, seminars, webinars, youtube, etc. Don't stop learning cause there's always things to learn. Last but not least, choose stocks that have strong fundamentals and keep an eye on those stocks. Then, use technical analysis to determine when to buy and when to sell, (don't be greedy, set your target/profit-taking points) . Look for new articles, news, earnings, forecast numbers, analysts upgrade, downgrade, and be on alert. Don't go all in on one stock. Always diversify and buy call options a month or few months out to limit your risks.

      I hope this helps you and all the nice people out there. Good luck and best wishes to you. I hope by me sharing and passing on what i've learned will result in good karma for me in return. My goal is to become a millionaire within 3 years so wish me luck. :)

    • The hard truth here is that VRNG is not your last hope. It is that there is no hope for you in the market. Your fortunes are so poor because your ignorance is so pronounced. Get rich quicksters have ensnared wiser men than yourself for sure. Might you take your remaining funds and secure them in a banking institution and commit yourself to providing for you and yours through additional labors. Perhaps in the restaurant industry or a nocturnal post at a local fuel and snack merchant.

    • this is horse #$%^&^%$#%

    • Why can't I do this:

      $3500 on call options
      $1000 on put options, to recoup the $4500 in case of a google win and a big price drop
      If its setup right, it should work?

    • i_gotta_have_more_cowbell i_gotta_have_more_cowbell Oct 25, 2012 12:10 AM Flag

      First, if I had all the answers, I'd be sitting on some tropical beach instead of working, well I'd probably work, but in a different way.

      Second, many if not all of us have experiences that we would rather not have endured. I'm not wealthy by any means, and I'd be happy if my losses this year were 9k. I tightened down, and increased my work load, it will take a while to regain lost ground, maybe years. But I knew that going in to it, and decided this was the right time in my life to be as aggressive as I wanted to be.

      Let's forgo the "I told you so", and "Clearly you should have done this" speeches. You didn't set out to lose your investment, and even with research it still happens to the best investors. The quick road to recovery isn't realistic, so set your expectations accordingly.

      I'm going to stay within the parameters you set, and try to offer the best solution in that set. I'm staying within the context that you want to capture $9K in gains on a single play, and have $4,500 to get there. You are willing to use it all, but would like to minimize risk.

      I've scanned some of the replies, and some mentioned options as a way to do it, I have to agree. You will need level II options trading approval for your account. This is were the homework comes in to play. You're investing for the outcome of the trial, and nothing else. So you need to start by deciding what a win could mean for the stock price.

      Let's assume a $15 pop before Nov 16, ignoring time value at sale date, you would need to buy 9 November call contracts at a $3.5 strike. Current price of $1 would cost you $900, and is your total risk. If you are confident in the pop price (homework) then maybe going further out of the money can offer you the same reward with even less risk? If you bought November 6 calls at the current price of 0.42 you would need to buy 11 contracts at a cost of $462. Both would net you more slightly than $9k with a verdict pop of $15

      It all starts with where you think the stock price will end up after trial. This case is a perfect setup for options traders, you don't get many like this. Buy some calls tomorrow, and sit tight until verdict.

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    • Buy INUV, Inuvo, it is going to go up by at least 50% in next 2weeks, to $4 by mid 2013. That's a start. Mark it. Then buy BCRX. You will be back. If that is too long go to Vegas, black, black red. Good luck.

    • inteligionci....If you buy shares of the stock you could sell call options against your stock position. For every 100 shares of stock you buy you can sell one call option. The 3.50 strike price call option is selling for one dollar. If you bought 1000 shares of stock and sold 10 call options you would collect $ 1000.00 immediately. Good Luck...

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