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  • kylelnny kylelnny Nov 17, 2012 1:45 PM Flag

    vrng longs we are going to get PAID soon enough what a crazy ride

    After this pay out and vrng dominates I will call it a day and retire from trading this has been great but enough stress

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    • I dont understand why my posts never get through, so I am going to post this comment on this thread.

      What is the timeframe for longterm VRNG shareholders now??

      I have been holding VRNG for 3 months. After hearing the CC the future outlook for Vringo looks to be promising. Aside from the patent lawsuits filed against ZTE (including Germany) VRNG will be focusing on other companies as part of their business model plan. I have been researching one of the companies Neomobile. This business is highly successful and has over 250 employees. As part of their onebip payment plan, Neomobile is also up for 2 prestigous awards in regards to mobile payment service (off the website). I know so far this trial has not been in favor of VRNG shareholders. The pirce of VRNG is reflected by this trial outcome for now. I was in this for the quick buck, however I feel more comfortable knowing the future of this stock has alot of upside potential. The downside risk I am prepared for if VRNG receives any more disappointing news. I am holding this into 2013, If anyone wishes to share their opinions or as to how long they now plan to hold that would be great. Thanks alot for any advice or information. Cheers

      Sentiment: Hold

    • i_gotta_have_more_cowbell i_gotta_have_more_cowbell Nov 17, 2012 3:14 PM Flag

      That's understandable, Why not just take out your cost? Much larger gains await over the long term. This could be one of those kick me moments that you come back to in five years, then do the math on what it would be worth if you stayed vs. what you actually did with the short term gains. I'm not a buy it and forget it guy, but chasing investments can be a losing bet, and this might be a good buy it, and check on it once in a while, if it stresses you to follow everyday.

    • Grossly undervalued here I don't believe what the village idiots say when it breaks 6.00 it puts them all to shame and back into their cockroach motels

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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