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  • harpolerichard harpolerichard Jan 31, 2013 2:38 PM Flag

    Intentional Infringement By Microsoft

    Read the Vringo Suit like a previous post states Items 30-40...Microsoft was aware of the Lang patents as Prior Art during thier lawsuits with other entities. The patents were noted throughout the trials....Uh Ohhh..Microsoft/Bing/Microsoft clients...

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    • I think all of you better quit spending your dollares before they land in your pocket. Vringo is engaged in a battle with one of the nations biggest search companies on planet earth as we speak. Vringo won a verdict by a jury of infringement by the current defendants. However, until it's ruled on by the overseeing judge in the case, signed off on, and written into law it is nothing but words. Even Vringo does not want their investors to be parading around and has warned everyone this could be lengthy and full of nasty tactics by the defendants. They want shareholders to know this will be a long journey and their hopeful they can prove their claims of infringement. To assume all of these players will just lay down their weapons and hand Vringo billions is why we are here in Febuary with answers as of yet. It will likely be many more months before this case is even ruled on OFFICIALLY! The answer I got from IR is there is no time limit to how long this case will remain open and a final ruling is rendered. They can sue the world but it means nothing until someone with authority eventually rules on it. Volume surly shows nobody willing to take amy more risks until one case is decided and out of the way. Today's news would have normally sparked an alarming number of investors to jump onboard if they thought that Vringo was going to prevail against Google first of all. Didn't work out that way. Things can change but until JJ speaks this stock is dead!

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      • ran - You do make some good points. However when you say that " They want shareholders to know this will be a long journey and their hopeful they can prove their claims of infringement" let me point out that the claims of infringement have already been verified by a jury. JJ will not reverse that. Also, BTW, your use of the word "their" is incorrect - it should be "they're" which is the contraction of "they are". Let's try to at least use correct grammar when we communicate.

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    • Yes, and as noted by postyle on the vringofreeforum the original Vringo I/P complaint stated:

      41. Almost all major search advertising systems operating today incorporate the Lang/Kosak Relevance Filtering Technology. These search engines market their search advertising systems based on the features of the Lang/Kosak Relevance Filtering Technology covered by the '420 and '664 patents.

      GOOG, ZTE, MSFT and next will be YHOO. Donald Stout's vision for VRNG continues to unfold.

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    • Nice find. ....didn't facebook choose MSFT search over GOOG? and was it because they thought they didn't infringe on paper since they'd hired a couple of guys away from GOOG (ahem).

      FB is next. Insert Rodney King remark "Can't we all just get along?!?"

      I see these things starting to lean toward settlement. VRNG is going to be relentless until it gets it licensing royalties or until it prevails on monetizing some patents with some large number awards.

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    • Why does it matter if it is Intentional or not on the part of Microsoft?

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