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  • sportsartsgolf sportsartsgolf Feb 1, 2013 7:15 PM Flag


    Probably not a bad idea.

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    • come on guys. this sportsartsgolf dude is short. hes trying to crash the stock when vringo "only" gets 3.5%. thats their only hope. oh no, VRNG only got 3.5%, that's a pittance, sell sell sell.

      but the reality is that 3.5% is about 700 million. which is twice the market cap of this entire company right now.

      thats with no nokia patents, no don stout, no ringtones, no israeli projects.

      trust me. we're ONLY gonna get 3.5%. but that equates to 700 million.

      the shorts are starting to change from "google lawyers own you guys, you're getting nothing" to "omg, you're only getting 3.5%, what a pittance. i told you that you'd get nothing

      why can't the shorts just cover honorably. admit you lost. instead they'll pull a Serepta Theraputics scam where they post nonsense, sell, short sell, all coordinated at the same time, set off stoplosses, and then DISHONORABLY cover.

      either way shorts win. but it's a pretty scummy way to win.

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