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  • shadow_rook shadow_rook Feb 2, 2013 1:22 PM Flag

    new code of ethics

    I told you all I think the Craig-Hallum hire was to prep the company for growth and PR. I'm surprised no one else has related the fact that they just retained CH and now are spitting out Code of Ethics. This is just step 1 of CH's plan to guide Vringo in to being a major player without the growing pains of learning from experience. Vringo has a plan, I have said all along I love the company way more than the stock, eventually the stock will get to where it should be. Look at where they have came in the last 2 years with the IP Engine merger, the NOK patents, hiring Ken Lang, ZTE and now MSFT lawsuits. The Google win is just the tip. This company is headed straight up and they are being guided by the best. Be patient, this is a chess game, not checkers. Chess games take longer, require more strategy, and in some cases you have to retreat to win. This company is a winner and I'm excited to be long in this stock. These prices are simply a bargain and I'm adding more every payday this sticks near $3 pps. I'm long VRNG and I approve this message.

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    • jmck6193 Feb 2, 2013 1:46 PM Flag

      Well buddy you have my thumbs up, cause your 100% correct, and if this is the pps Monday I'll be adding more to my pot of gold I already own, plus I have a couple other stocks that I'm doing very well in and may just take the profits and buy more shares of vringo with it. I really don't believe this stock will be at these levels much longer, time for me to get more serious about this twentybagger.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • thumbs down it if you want you ignorant shortheads, i'm right and that is a fact. talk all you want, but you notice no one is talking about 1 dollar pps anymore? why is that? because you all know you can only shake the tree so long. the weak longs are gone. there are no more shares for you to cover. you better be figuring something out quickly, once JJ rules for the running royalty you're fuhked.

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