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  • crabbermike crabbermike Feb 7, 2013 8:27 PM Flag

    Code of Ethics, Judge Miller

    Well folks, been away and as I have, a few things have happened. First, The Code of Ethics is filed by Vringo. Hmmmmmm. For good reason I am sure. Could it be because of the word getting out on the Mr Softy news?? Meeting with the IB??? Could it just be, big things happeneing and it better not get out??

    We then have Judge Miller back involved once again. Hmmmmmm. Could it all mean, it is finally time and everyone be quiet, don't let it get out, but a Settlement is Finally near???? Hmmmm. I did see the Google/Yahoo news the other day. Maybe we get the Mr Softy lawsuit instead of Yahoo becuase Vringo was in the know, and is part of a Settlement deal. You just never know, as I am just thinking outloud.
    But, with the recent events, Mr Softy announced and ZTE ready to battle it out, I am just getting that gooood feeling, we are near a Settlement folks. IMHO!!! Tick tock tick tock, GLTA! L8ER

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    • There are so many potential catalysts at this point, that there is no remaining correlation between share price and the true value of VRNG shares. The low volume is indicative of a waiting game . We should have had final ruling by now, at least that's what most thought post trial, but instead we are delaaaaaaaaaayed and waiting on final motions. Meaning ..All bets have ALREADY been placed by the institutions and the big money retail guys (on the short side as well) . . and now we just wait.and wait.

      This has allowed the shorts and option writers to hold it to a reasonable level by selling 100 share lots to each other with long number limit orders. Of course they are ALSO losing many of those valuable VRNG shares to the long side in the process - ? - I think the assumption the short side of the trade clings to, is that GOOG will appeal soon after JJ rules and give them the ability to cover. It's a an extremely dumb and risky strategy already (IMHO) but if a settlement comes over the wire . . . It's all OVER for them. . A short squeeze would immediately go from possible . . to guaranteed.

      at that time I will be drinking Mimosa's in the morning along with many other Vringo shareholders i'm sure . . good luck til then! . . or as you say .. tick tock tick tock

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    • I still think the hardest thing to sort out is how every juror sat in the deliberation room and watched as the foreman inserted the final numbers on that verdict and not one said " hey we made a mistake on Googles portion". Remember when the jury approached the judge and asked for clarity on RR figures and the means to arrive at those? He was absolutely vague as edvacourt explained. They were not required at that point to arrive at a specific damage value but rather use some figure between 2.9 to 20.9 as that is how THEY inturprited the judges answer. Vringo has not once notified through a PR that jurors can be summoned to answer this question again or verify that was their intension. You cannot bring them back once adjourned! This is not a criminal case and they inserted their figures and the court rests!

    • The Judge could not insert a specific number but instead directed jurors back to the testimony. From what they viewed from Beckers numbers they then filled in the blanks. They could have wrote 100 million or a billion, instead they wrote 15.8 million and signed. Were they approached outside and coached, we'll never know now will we!

    • Good to hear from an old long Crabmeat. Your thoughts and insight are always appreciated. Settlement or resounding victory for VRNG! Good things and big pay day coming soon buddy. Gonna kick back, watch the race and enjoy family and the weekend. Monday will bring us 1 week closer to our reward :). GLTA

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    • Ok... I am in and on the long side....

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    • like in the rest of the world even us justice is corrupted.the powerful always win.that ´s why the world is as it is

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      • Frankly that is what worries me, cause it has happened in Philadelphia before where a bunch of crooked judges were caught and paid their prices. I still like to believe that in the good old USA, justice will always win, no matter how late, imo. If I didn't live in the USA, by now I will believe google has the upper hand cause of its financial might irrespective of the jury verdict. There is no way, it can end otherwise with vrng having the jury verdict in its hands. So, the judge is taking his time for whatever reason, which I still find befuddling (may be I am not a lwayer and don't understand the intricacies involved). In the end, I hope for the best and for justice to overcome all.

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