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  • capt_uss_enterprise capt_uss_enterprise Mar 12, 2013 9:02 PM Flag

    Google would rather try to rally support around its idea of a royalty free patent transfer agreement

    than license technology from the innovative minds behind the patents. Are you serious?

    Intellectual Property (IP) is REAL PROPERTY. If you want to use it license it. If you are using it or decided to use it without a license , you stole it and should be held accountable.

    If you don't like the terms of proposed license agreement you have two options - buy the company or do it better than they did.

    This proposal does not encourage innovation, it will stifle innovation in an effort to provide some protection for the chosen few that have the money to lobby. Tell you what Google, how about you go first and open source your search and advertising algorithms. I'm sure that Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook will get back to you with their own contributions...but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for them

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