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  • edward.drossman edward.drossman Aug 20, 2014 10:39 PM Flag

    If vringo's patents are invalid for obviousness

    Then aren't google's patents invalid for the same reason? Why can't vringo now duplicate google exact search engine? After all google has no patent on it since the patents are invalid for obviousness.

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    • and that what Goog the IDIOT does Not get........They Can win the little battle with VRING....but Dont get it that this Battle ---- (If they actually win it), will end up to be a Trap for Goog to Lose The War...

      Yes..., the Chinease, Japanease, Indians, Russans..., ant etc,,.....are Salivating on the prospect of Goog Wining the Battle...

      Mark this ......on the day that Good win is made official (if that actually happens), Goog SP will dive and will never recover....

      Clever and forseable man will want VRNG to win...... is not the fool...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Fast eddie you're catching on, but a nuance....

      Since Mr. Mayer decided effectively that the time limit on the VRNG patents didn't apply -which is effectively his argument, saying the skill was 'obvious' then by implication it means there is some arbitrary time limit not perscribed by patents that effectively takes a patented idea and makes it obvious.

      since google's tech has been around a while, by implication, taking it and using it and saying its obvious is a clear and fair defense


      VRNG has seen their code - they can copy away at will and take google to the cleaners, they could give it away if they wanted to and argue its obvious

      NOW EDDY you are catching on

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