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  • jcpenneyman85 jcpenneyman85 Nov 19, 2012 9:33 PM Flag

    Customer Service Excellence @ jcp

    Well run jcp stores of today far exceed the level of service when compared to JCPenney stores of years ago. When compared to our competition you will not find a more focused and determined group of team players.

    The days of retailing when you would barely acknowledge customers that enter your space are over. Back in the ' good ole days' that some here refer to, it was acceptable not to engage. In fact, throngs of associates thought nothing of walking right past a customer. The thought then was " if they needed help they would ask, and since they didn't stop me I guess they don't need assistance."

    Sure you had some stores that were better at customer service than others, just like you do today, but the fact of the matter is, finally someone (RJ) and crew, has made it a priority. When I visit a well run jcp store of today I see eager team members genuinely interested in providing their customer the best customer care. Great leadership shows not just on the day of a visit, but everyday.

    Enter Libby. The new handheld mobile POS checkout that loyal jcp team members use to check out customers. The reaction from team members abroad is " when is it my turn to use it." Stores are reporting up to 20% of their transactions are now being processed with the Libby. You can teach an old dog new tricks. You just have to believe and stick around.

    I'm proud of my jcp today. More so than I have ever been at any point in my career. We've moved away from the embarrassing misleading sale tactics that evolved during the early 2000's. We've cleaned up the stores. Brought customer service to the forefront and are letting them know they are back in charge.

    There will always be those that don't believe. Sadly for some jcp insiders this message board is their comfort zone. They are the weak. They can not or refuse to be inspired.

    It is not coincidence that many no longer with jcp were long timers. It didn't have to be that way for many of them. They paved their path with a chuckle here and flippant attitude there. Great team members exhibit yes sir and yes mam attitudes. Sounds corny doesn't it? That's the way it was back in the early days of JCPenney. You had a store manager. It was simple. You did what was asked.

    We've got a bunch of wimps here that don't know hardship.

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    • jcpenneyman85
      As I said before, you sure have plenty of time to post your garbage rhetoric. Oh, I forgot, sorting hangers on the receiving dock and delivering to the sales floor gives you plenty of downtime. Don’t try to make smart people think you do anything else. You better stop drinking that magical Kool-Aid.

      Your lack of knowledge of jcp retailing is evident to all of us; you really don’t know a thing about the new jcp company. The old JCPenney Company had more associates to services the customers, and many associates would escort the customer to the item he/she was looking for. Not like today’s team members, pointing and saying “it’s in the corner of the store.” I’m not blaming them, at the most there might be 4 team members roaming a one floor store doing various tasks, and when approached by a customer, they simple point, and provide directions.

      There is no customer service today in the new jcp. Look how many people lost their job under the RJ leadership team; it’s called big business today, salary cost is the easiest expense to fix, and they decided to cut the salary cost expense, and now they have poor customer service because of this decision.

      And your comments about “misleading sale tactics;” it’s not misleading if you show the retail price of an item, and mark it down 50%. There were people that bought items under the old JCPenney Company format at full retail, and with 50% off coupons, so what. And now, on the third attempt to clear the confusion in the customers mind on the new jcp pricing strategy, RJ and his team got smart and are now changing all the ticketing to show suggested retail price and the jcp everyday low price. Maybe now the customer can see the value.

      But jcpenney-man-not-85, I don’t think RJ and his team would like it if they found out you were calling his new ticketing program “embarrassing misleading sale tactic.”

      Now, for the other posters on this message board…let’s all do ourselves a favor, don’t even give this hypocrite the time of day, put him on ignore like I will after this post.

      I really hope RJ and his team can pull this transformation off, if you can believe the numbers from the sales per square foot of the 10 new shops over the past 12 weeks, they are very encouraging; $269 spsf vs. $134.00 spsf before, even if you take Sephora’s $565.00 spsf out.

      That said, I don’t think there will be LBO, jcp has enough cash to complete the 30 new shops for 2013 and 2014. And if those 30 new completed shops in 2013 and the 10 current new shops, can collectively have the same sales per square foot numbers (approx...$269 the first 10 new shops did), plus, in May 2013 when they report 1st quarter results, they will now be somewhat comparative; I think the market will become jcp’s next best friend. I am long on jcp.

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    • bobkochnowicz Nov 22, 2012 3:34 PM Flag

      I actually like the no coupon thing.I find it insulting to look at prices 50/60% off when actualy all they did was jack up the original price.Not an owner of stock now but will start averaging in this week.

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    • Just what do you come to this forum for? To post outlandish comments so others will provide suggestions for you to take back to your leader on how to fix the chaos that has been created?
      Let me tell you, from point of view of a customer, customer service is worse than before. I don't know what you think makes up customer service, but it should include being there to make a shopping experience better for the customer. And what is happening now is the opposite. You can't find an employee to help you, you can't find a size selection because there seems too much emphasis on keeping the store neat and stocking the back rooms, and when you check out - those mobile checkouts are a joke. I have yet to be taken care of with the new checkout. They either can't pick up a signal, or no one is around with one. And, from what I've overheard, you are taken all over anyhow, because they need to take you to where they have the shopping bags and then send you to yet another location for your receipt.
      So, peenyman, take these suggestions back to your boss and fix this, because customer service is NOT better - it is much worse. The product is worse. The selection is worse. A department store should be offering a variety of products, now they are all looking the same - and cheap, and I don't mean the price, but the quality, and its tacky.

    • If I go into a store and an associate tries to sell me something or even try and talk to me, I never go back to that store again.

    • Just a couple of comments.....not sure how long a career that you had since you refer to the misleading sales tactics from the early 2000's. If you had been around, when they bought in an advertising agency executive to take over marketing. He built image ads, not the same as today, but similar. Business tanked, cash dried up, and the company was in dire straits. When Questrom took over, he understood, every facet of the retail business including what drives customers. He made significant changes and the company turned around due not only to merchandise but strong marketing as well.

      What seems to be forgotten is that the latest strategy that has now rolled out focuses on teaching customers that they have been all wrong. Obviously, the competition, i.e. Macy's, had not lost a beat. The customer is choosing.

      What needs to transpire, is continue on the path of the shops, but still provide the perception of a promotional dept store. I am not advocating the huge percentages off, but perhaps a strategy between Macy's and Target from a promotional perspective.

      The mobile checkout is nice. However, other retailers will adopt this in the future as well. If the customer has a choice of checking out via mobile, or getting a perceived discount, there is no question which one they choose.

      I wish you the best. You are a truly passionate associate. I hope somehow your beliefs transfer to success. However, unless revisions to the strategy take place, you may be disappointed with the results.

      Please note that I do not want to start a debate on this, but really hope course corrections are made.

    • Jc penny stores have no idea what customer service is about----if its better now than b4 then, you really have a problem. customer service isnt just Pointing-to a Rack when someone asks where something is, its actually helping someone find the item and the size//////// and its as important after the sale as b 4--returns exchanges refunds----------no questions ask----------customer is always right////////////thats true customer service///////

    • I agree, and I think that most on here would agree, that JCP has great customer service. It is much better than it was years ago for what that is worth.

      Libby might be a great thing. I would only wonder what impact Libby will have on cost of sales, and how difficult it would be for other stores to adopt the system if it is successful. I do notice that most of the critical success factors for JCP will be easy for competitors to implement if successful. I would guess that Libby is one of those things.

      The primary concern to the JCP investor is that revenues appear to be in a death spiral, gross margins continue to deteriorate, and the firm is burning cash. At the beginning of the transformation Johnson claimed that the CapEx would be financed from operating cash flows. Well he is now using asset sales to partially fund the CapEx, and will have to make more asset sales to deliver his targeted year end cash balance. I would wonder what the estimated value is of the remaining non-core assets on JCP's balance sheet. Comments from the CFO in the last call left me with the impression that it was a couple of hundred million - after that it is core asset sales, equity dilution and/or additional debt that will finance the remaining CapEx. All of those things will drive the stock price lower, and the stock price is falling now in anticipation of these events.

      Unless revenues, margins and operating cash flows improve in a significant way this company will not be able to deliver on the transformation.

      Libby is a good thing.
      They need to fix a lot more things.

      • 2 Replies to buysvalueact
      • I agree we must perform. Year one transform.

      • They have very public with their determination to have $1 billion in cash by the end of the year and an unused $1.5 billion of available credit. That credit line is expandable to $2 billion.
        You might also note that they just paid off over $230 million of debt. This is not a company going broke. They have lots of things to sell other than the prime 700 big stores and also can go to the debt markets if they choose.
        What concerns me, you, and everyone else, is whether or not Johnson can bring people into the JC Penny stores and then sell them JC Penny stuff. He has shown he can sell what is in the new shops. This season he is going for it; lots of promotions, etc. and even, goodness-goodness, a SALE on black Friday. We will see how it goes.
        I disagree that most of the good things which are happening to JCP can easily be done by other stores. The reason JCP has had such a difficult financial year is that Johnson is doing things the other stores are not. He is eating the pain now for future gain. It is very difficult for managements to do things which depress profits in the short term.
        And yes a director did buy 126,000 shares yesterday.

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