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  • retayl101 retayl101 Feb 1, 2013 9:46 AM Flag

    Now that the interview outside the store is complete -

    Let's step inside the store ran by the famous JCPenneyman for a look at a typical customer transaction that according to the CEO will revolutionize the retail industry - lets be quite and listen - follow me - - - - -

    Customer: I’m ready to check out now

    Associate: I can help you, I’m Ipad ready

    Customer: Here’s my money.

    Associate: Ok - and I’ll send a runner to the cashier in back of the store for your change

    Customer: Whew - that took quite a while

    Associate: Well we’ve got two customers and no other associates. We fired them to give you better service

    Customer: Can I have a receipt in case I want to return this, or so you’ll know I didn’t shoplift it as I walk out the door.

    Associate: It has a RFID tag

    Customer: So, that's all I'll need to return it

    Associate: We'll give you a store credit with a RFID tag

    Customer: No, I may want my money back

    Associate: For that you would need a receipt

    Customer: In that case I still want my receipt

    Associate: I can send a receipt to your email account.

    Customer: I don’t have an email account

    Associate: Then you’re probably not the type of customer we want, would you like to rethink your purchase.

    Customer: I still want my receipt

    Associate: I’ll send a runner to the cashier in back of the store for your receipt

    Customer: Whew, that took a while. Now I would like a bag to put my purchase in, you don’t seem to have any hanging on your belt.

    Associate: I’ll send a runner to the back of the store to get you a bag.

    Customer: Whew, that took a while.

    Associate: It’s clearly obvious you are not the type of customer we want. You come into our store expecting to be waited on, buy some of our merchandise, want to actually pay cash for it, want a receipt and a bag; ------next thing you know you’ll expect me to thank you for shopping at JCPenney!!!

    Loudspeaker - - - -- - Aisle 1 - Aisle 1 - Customer trainer to Aisle 1-!!!!!!


    Cut to scene of interviewer driving frantically to his broker to sell all his JCPenney stock before it's too late !!!! LMAO

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    • jcp associate. lol ! Flash back to my day! Our customer service is a thing of the past. IT SADDENS ME to see what has become of this company. These I pods we use suck. The only changes I have seen are going to put this company out of business.

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      • This company will never survive unless they bring back Customer First and Yes We can . Cutting associates is not going to help them one bit . I was in Jcp with a friend after telling her she could find really nice casual work clothes there , she is a hair dresser . We walked around the whole store . There were maybe ten people including associates in the store . Not one person came to see if they could help us . This is not the kind of service you would expect to see at Jcp , needless to say we left without buying anything . We should not blame the associates for this , you should see the areas that one person is required to cover . I just can't see much of a future for this company unless they make some really quick changes . This is not JCPENNEY .

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • We went over this before. If you're going to tape conversations between Penney employees and their customers you need to have the permission of both parties - written permission.

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