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J. C. Penney Company, Inc. Message Board

  • booyahbuster booyahbuster Apr 9, 2013 8:27 AM Flag

    JCP is in LIMBO

    This company has been sold on the leadership of Ron Johnson , over and over . The unveiling of all the new product ideas and marketing are being revealed just now. The wizard positively assured us that all would be well . . . . just hang on. We start to see the new change and BAMM , the rug is pulled out. The old CEO is brought back and now EVERYONE is without the wizard. It's as if Toto the dog pulled the curtain on Oz and we are to "Pay no attention".
    Stockholders know that Ron Johnson burned through a ton of JCP equity and he promised a whole new revitalized company. Many believed and now he is "POOF" - gone. The magic is over . The vision is a mirage. It may be irreparable.
    Now we have the coupon master back - can Ullman take the vision of JCP and his style of old and make this whole thing work ? It doesn't look good for shareholders. I say JCP hits $5 before a turn-a-round occurs.

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