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  • shubunkin shubunkin May 9, 2013 10:40 PM Flag


    With all the hyperbole I decided to take a trip to the JCP store with my $10 in the mail coupon. Parking lot full, interior wide and free flowing, very comfy. Plenty quality merchandise and styles. Jewelry dept A+. Make up dept A++. Clothing, everything was A+! This is a new 2013 store! Wife found couple blouses, fun experience! Reps were helpful and nice. I ask rep if construction was done she replied yes and that the old coupon and door busters would be back on the weekend (i chose thursday because the weekends are packed). She stated that the old boss got fired for eliminating those ideas.
    This store is gonna spank the competition! I felt it throughout the store. That environment only comes from top management trickle down.
    Warning to the nay sayers and risk takers. MHO, earnings on the 16-17 are just a obstacle, good or bad stocks gonna run like bat outta hell! I'm in now on this little pullback!

    Invest in the truth, it pays!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I shoped almost excusively at JCP for about 25 years and now I can not stand to go there.

    • I went to mine in boise idaho and looked very distraught empty shelves bad ideas no products gloomy sales people ( but lots of people at macys lol

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      • Dude, dont be a tard. Ron J. had to empty out all the customers for all the construction. He remodeled 500+ anchor stores etc. The stores look nice! I love walkin round in um! Now that the coupons/invitations are back and then some, what do you think is gonna happen? No brainer! a revived economy and everybody is anxious to go somewhere and blow cash, with invitation in hand, they going to Pennies! RJ got a bad wrap, but that dude had Vision and he made a stand amongst fools who are just too accustomed to being blind!. The new millennia welcomes JCP and they have a seat in the next wave, generation of retail. Sears sucks! they offer points on your purchases...... I though Kmart was bonen Martha or was it BigK.... Now Macys too.... I say cut the high price name-tag and hire two or three high quality lesser know brands! M.S. is a ripe fruit that will soon fall to the ground. Who eats of the ground? What they gonna name the bedding then Martha Stewert (rip) sheets. That #$%$ wont even work for Halloween.....Daaa Wouldnt wanna be around when that happens!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • As the late Louis Rukeyser would say..... B U L L !

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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