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  • bamm160 bamm160 Aug 10, 2013 6:26 PM Flag

    JCP price scam exposed!!!

    Ok, I'll admit it....was at Sears buying Craftsman wrenches when JCP curiosity overcame me. Walked around and found some ok looking graphic tees in the Big and Tall section. Curiosity overcame me again when I saw the $30 price tag pasted over another tag. I carefully peeled off the top tag to expose a $20 tag! Again I removed the bottom tag to expose an original $18 tag crossed out with black sharpie. The shirt was not even on sale!!! If any JCP executive is stalking this was a red Captain Morgan tee in the big and tall section.

    How does JCP get away with this?!!?? Well the answer is it doesn't!!!! JCP WAS EMPTY!!!!!! The customer is not STUPID. Longs keep holding the bag.

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    • This is not a price scam. The customer IS stupid if they think ANY store can sell items for $10 and give $10 off coupons and stay in business. Prices were lowered so the customer didn't need a coupon to get a good price. They wanted coupons back. They want EVERYTHING back the way it was, and that's where we are headed. You can't pick and choose. You either want it the way it was, or you don't. The way it was before, the regular price on the shirt would be $30 and you'd get one of the many hundreds of ridiculous coupons to use to get a "sale" price. You got the coupons back. You got the confusing, ridiculous sales back.. and with that, you got the $30 regular price back. As for business, our store has been very busy.

    • Disclaimer...the sticker was coming off...I looked behind it and saw what I stated above. I guess I'm not the only one who thought about this. I replaced everything as it was and left. BTW: there was absolutely no one in the home section. The only shoppers where in the $6.99 discount rack but they weren't buying either.

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