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  • michael.dalley1970 Aug 12, 2013 12:41 PM Flag

    Like a social club for tards up in here

    You do understand that all of you are saying the same things?! BK this, liquidity that, cash burn this...WE KNOW ALREADY! They had the same exact problems last April and the stock shot up 28%. Stock price has nothing to do with fundamentals on this. Everyone was calling for B OF A and Best Buy to go out of business in 2011 as well...did not happen. Someone will pick this it a turd? it a POS? yes! will it determine the short term trading range? Yes! Can you predict what will happen tomorrow or on 8/20? NO! One piece of good news and it shoots straight up!

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    • I find the use of the word "Tard" to be extremely offensive. It's also interesting it was written by someone who holds himself in such high regard (despite very limited accomplishment). Son, you were born on third base and think you hit a home run. And despite those advantages, you still so cruelly single out such a vulnerable group of people as an object of your ridicule. A real man would never harbor such a thought and clearly, no matter what you think that label inside your suit says about you, you're a bottom feeder.

      Stop policing the message board. No one cares what you want to read, don't want to read, or think of anyone on the board. You're an offensive, appalling person born too stupid to realize that message boards were created to be an exchange thoughts and ideas? I quite enjoy the discourse. You apparently think they were created for people to publish only thoughts that you find interesting. Not surprising, your narcism is quite evident in everything you write here.

      Anyhoo, you should be ashamed. Special Needs people face all kinds of obstacles not the least of which are the insensitive attitudes of people like you. I will make sure it becomes public knowledge to the California pension fund community, I'm quite familiar with many people out there and around this area...unless you apologize to this board and make a contribution to a special needs charity. The idea that anyone would give someone like you and place in that world is a joke. You have 10 days to mail me a receipt of a contribution totaling no less than $5,000 and an apology to the board in this thread, or I will have someone here start making calls on my behalf.

      As for JC Penney folks, it will take time. You can either wait or you can't. Good luck to all (except this appalling person).


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