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  • aliceandvince aliceandvince Jan 30, 2014 10:46 PM Flag

    Why I am Buying JCP here....

    This entire situation is setting itself up to smelling a whole lot like FSLR at $14 back in late 2012. A company that was left for dead. You could barely find a single positive post about the company and the industry in general was viewed extremely negative. At a minimum, the company already stated they were happy with the holiday sales number and reiteriated general guidance already provided from Q3 about Q4. I am guessing that with the recent US freeze, the winter apparel in every store has been flying off the shelves in January and the numbers will surprise to the upside. The shorts will get it in the shorts at earnings release and the company will start to the turn the ship. It will not happen overnight, but over the next 18 months it will. CEO Johnson handed Penny a huge hole to dig out of. I am in this recovery over the next 2 years. FSLR returned 300 % in 18months when bought a boat load at $14 (you are welcome to find the posts). Again. maybe $5.80 isn't the bottom, maybe even $4.80. But with an improving economy and the right moves, the longs will be able to go to the register within 2 years for $20/share. It will maybe be a little bit of a wild ride, but I am taking the dive at this level.

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    • bump...listen to this person....

    • It looks like the board was approached
      By a heavy hitter who had accumulated 8-10 percent
      On Monday. This group said. " we want to submit an offer"
      Etc etc ... Board said no and changed the pill and the
      Whale sold...the post? Article ..please it Is always late..markups ?
      Nope not it
      If you and I want one share of penney,
      The whales want them all and mu is saying
      #$%$&$ no you can't have my company for less then
      15.00.....move along big game hunters ...
      Jcp is a little mans game now and she will take a

    • Wait brother...time to buy is still mortar range...I'm waiting for 9mm...range.

    • You're comparing JCP to one out of favor stock that has nothing to do with it. The logical response would be to compare JCP to a mortgage lender in 2008. The market hated those companies just the same. I remember people defending Enron until the very end too. Point being you can't just pick one company that survived after being extremely out of favor, when more often than not they don't survive.

      A much better example would be if you can find a retailer that was in the death spiral, financially, to the extent that JCP is today, and came out of it without bk reorg.

    • Agreed, Rite Aid, as well. However, I don't recall FSLR, RAD, BBY sponsoring the Olympics though, next we'll that's way too expensive.

    • Are you trying to convince us or yourself? Ever hear of the "greater fool theory"?

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      • Just making another record in public of my basis for buying low whey all the others have sold, including those who never had the shares to sell in the first place. And I have plenty to invest after FSLR handed us a 300% gain in 18 months. I will let you day traders and shorties take this up and down 10 and 20% a week. I am an investor, not a day trader. The amazon comparison is total bunk. Just like when everyone 20 years ago said the dvd movie rental would wipe out the theatre industry........ Nope. You still stand in line and pay 8.50 a ticket and the industry remains profitable. The internet biz is starting to see a limit on the ability to ship packages - especially the holidays. Watch how fast you start paying a premium to ship on holiday. UPS and FEDEX learned an important lesson this past holiday. The cost to ship something = the tax you forego. stores don't ship at the high cost of an individual package. Any other questions?

      • The stock market is the "Greater fool theory" we don't own anything

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