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  • markitvalue markitvalue Apr 16, 2014 9:21 PM Flag

    Brick and mortar will go away, is total nonsense.

    The folks here are men, and haven't got a clue how women think, or shop when it comes to this subject..
    To say they know Jack would be an understatement.
    Stores like Macy's and Penney's are here to stay. Unproductive ones, like unproductive employees will go.
    Getting back to the issue at hand, women raising children Monday to Friday, keeping a home, cooking dinner for the family are looking to escape that life. They are not going online to buy a dress, housewares, linens, shoes, etc. They will either ask hubby to drive them to the nearest mall, drive there themselves, or call their girl friends to meet up have lunch and spend what they can, predominately at the nearest mall.
    Going to Malls are a social event for them.
    So if you think these will be gone anytime in your lifetime you a gravely wrong.
    Now if you happen to be married and have children, on Saturday or Sunday just try telling the wife to stay in her pajamas, and go online to buy a pair of shoes. Suggestion, make sure she isn't holding a cast iron frying
    pan in her hand, the head you save maybe your own.

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    • Wonderful theory; too bad facts don't back you up. You just come off as a silly old man. Why don't you just hang out at Micky D's with the rest of the oldfarts and solve the world's problems over an endless cup of joe.

    • The problem with your analogy is that when women do as you say, they're going to Macy's or Kohl's not JCP.

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      • "they're going to Macy's or Kohl's not JCP".
        Your confusing returning merchandise with purchasing goods
        In any event, Happy Easter good luck charm..I set aside 25 GOLD, eggs I colored, inscribed JCP top to bottom on one side of the eggs and ALLORO top to bottom on the reverse side = JCPALLGOLD.
        25 symbolic eggs for $25.00 dollars I expect JCP to be trading for in the not too distant future.

        For my Christian friends Happy Easter...For my Jewish friends Happy Passover,
        and for my Atheist friends, Good Luck!

    • Shopping is a source of entertainment that looks inexpensive at the start, but very expensive in retrospect.

    • well, the JCP brick and mortar is going away and will go away completely

    • "Brick and mortar will go away, is total nonsense."

      It's partial nonsense. There is a need for brick and mortar for many years to come. But in some segments we are way overstored and the department store is one of those segments.

      There are just more department stores than needed. Sears and Penney are the weakest of that group. JCP is trying to get back to where it was four years ago (so far, unsuccessfully). In the meantime Macys, Kohls, Target and WalMart have made four more years of progress.

      Online shopping is very big and growing. Those sales are coming out of brick and mortar stores' hides. Penney may not be hurt as badly by that as Barnes & Noble. But Penney can't afford to be hurt at all.

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      • the idea that the internet was going to kill ALL business has turned out to be BS. It did kill off and hurt some like print media. Still the NY Times I can but at a local Starbucks. Sears was stated as dead ten years ago and still here. Now Retails golden era was up to the 70's. But people WANT to touch it before they buy it with clothing, socks etc. Even the oracle of Omaha as gone out buy PRINT MEDIA! Why? The valuations dropped so low it became a no brainer. In Dec yes JPC looked like BK I n 2014. THAT IS NOW GONE! Thus I see us as a low of 6-9 a share. that #$%$ off the shorts as they are now WRONG about JCP and really should close out position as it is a dead short position now going forward. I don't see us going past 9.00 a share at all as some large shorts is determined to short the #$%$ out of this to keep it down. Might take another billionaire coming in and buying 300-500 million dollars in shares and pulling the certificates so they cant short though shares to unwind that persons large short position. Long term I think we will be 14-15.00 a share in nov 2015. Right now I am not sure that the 7.50 price wil hold. That drop from near 9 to 7.08 was not good for the stock. A long dumped ALOT of a short dumped a lot or both. People with that much money don't make many mistakes. I don't fight the market when it is wring short term.


    • "Going to Malls are a social event for them."
      Sounds to me like you're confusing teenage girls with grown adult women. Grown women with kids don't have the time to make a trip to the mall a social event. They want to get in and out quickly and without hassles. Those that can save time by shopping online do so.

    • most people shop online while they are working in the office and parents shop online while they are home taking care of the kids.
      the main reason people visit the local store is they need to return something nowadays.
      brick and mortar will be 100% gone in the next 10-20 years.

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