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  • tngenchek tngenchek Jul 27, 2014 7:47 AM Flag

    What did Royce actually say?

    Mr Hench pointed out that in the event of J C Penney Company Inc (NYSE:JCP) managing to “get their debt in order and raise cash and get their customers back, which they have done and make a little bit of money”, then the stock would be a strong performer.


    Soooo - the only things they have to do to succeed is

    1. Pay Debt
    2. Raise cash
    3. Bring back their customers
    4. Make a profit

    Gee, sounds like a cake walk to me !!!!

    so far they've

    1. Increased debt to raise cash
    2. Traffic count is DOWN not up
    3. Well, the profit story speaks for itself.

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    • Stop trying to confuse the issues with real keeps longs up at night.

    • "Soooo - the only things they have to do to succeed is"

      words conveniently omitted, whoooppsie......"which they have done".

      In 3 weeks when they announce earnings, this guy won't be 'eating cake', it's CROW, that will be on his plate.
      Wonder how he likes his crow rare, medium, or well done?

      • 1 Reply to markitvalue
      • words conveniently omitted, whoooppsie......"which they have done".
        Hmmm, when I read and reread my post those words were NOT omitted, maybe you should take some of your profits on this stock and buy a new computer.

        On a side note the words "which they have done" was preceded by "Get their customers back", which by any metric you want to use HAS NOT HAPPENED so "which they have done" is either a lie or error or omission, take your pick

        I could care less what the losses they announce in 3 weeks are, no action required on my part. Maybe you get a wonderful number and the PPS blips mid double digits, still has not changed any fundamental in this company. When a fundamental changes, so will I.

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