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  • retayl101 retayl101 Aug 12, 2014 2:35 PM Flag

    My apologies to jcpenneyman85 • 59 minutes ago

    "Check your postings. Never said slovenly behemoths. Now say you're sorry.

    You are correct - I was wrong - - - you did not say "slovenly behemoths" - - - - -


    jcpenneyman85 • Feb 25, 2013 6:38 PM
    "Most team members were so tired of seeing a slobbering behemoth waddling in and complaining"

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    • I just didn't read far enough - - - thought I mistook your calling a "slobbering behemoths" for a "slovenly behemoths - - - - - - - - when 4 out of 5 JCPenney exit polls show overweight women prefer being referred to "slobbering behemoths

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      • Great stuff
        85 is 2 men trapped in one mans lifestyle
        Peel the layers back and his passion is success
        With a closet full of accolades and desk ornaments,
        He longs for the days of selling and marketing to
        Your hometown apple pie baker.....
        --time and technology have replaced conversations
        With electronic hand held bird actions and sounds..
        This is what we have to look forward to?
        Will a generation say no to the iphone because
        Mom and dad were slaves to it?
        Could happen...

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