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  • sudnwealth sudnwealth Sep 16, 2004 12:36 AM Flag

    AMXC is good 4u !! Got a pick for ya..

    Check out NAII. They rock. They've earned .47 cents in 2004 vs .18 in 2003 and revs are absolutely zooming. I'm thinking they'll earn a buck easy in 2005. The best part though is the insider buying and a complete lack of insider selling for 2 years! Nothing but buys. Thought my eyes were failing me-- honest.

    I picked up 3K today at about $9.33 average price. Gonna be REAL nice pop on NAII soon. Trust me.


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    • Looks good except I am not comfortable taking a position in a stock whose debt is increasing, even if insiders are buying on limited quantaties.

      Interesting that when they signed the contract for the credit facility their stock was at about $12.50. They could have sold 1 million shares to have raised the $12 million. That would have diluted the equity by about 15% which in theory would have lowered the stock price $1.875 or to about $10.50 and they would have all the money up front and no debt.

      Thanks for the tip. Good luck.

      On May 11, 2004, we entered into a new $12.0 million credit facility with abank. The facility is comprised of an $8.0 million working capital line ofcredit and $4.0 million in term loans and is secured by all of our assets. Theworking capital line of credit has a 2.5-year term, interest rate of LIBOR plus1.75% and is subject to eligibility requirements for current accounts receivableand inventory balances. The term loans consist of a $700,000 ten year term loanwith a twenty year amortization, secured by our building at an interest rate ofLIBOR plus 2.25%; a $1.8 million four year term loan to refinance ouroutstanding term loan under the previous credit facility, secured by equipment,at an interest rate of LIBOR plus 2.10%; and a $1.5 million five year term loan,secured by equipment, at an interest rate of LIBOR plus 2.10%. Monthly paymentson the term loans will be approximately $62,000 plus interest.

      Additionally, we continue to evaluate expansion opportunities that couldincrease product lines, enhance our manufacturing capabilities or reduce risksassociated with a variety of factors.

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      • AMX-
        My wife worked for Usana which is extremely close to the same biz model as NAII and in the same nutritional market. That debt was incurred cuz their busting apart at the seams dude!!
        All I'm gonna say guy is multiply a conservative PE of 20 to a coservative earnings estimate of lets say .75 for 2005 and you've got at least a 50% gainer next year. Now you and I both know that it'll probably gain a little notoriety by then and be trading at a PE of 25-30. At 30 times earnings you've got a double. Then consider ZERO insider sales.
        Let's revisit NAII in 6 months and let's see what it sells for!