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  • itsallaboutgrowth itsallaboutgrowth Oct 26, 2008 2:32 AM Flag


    Saying "they are in much better shape than most"
    might translate to, "We'll only tank 80% instead
    of 90%." Is that supposed to be good news?

    It puzzles me as to why the cheerleeders on this
    board seem to think that AMP's future is bright
    because they are less-exposed to bad assets.
    Ignoring the bad asset issue, AMP's real growth
    seems fundamentally tied to an increasing base
    of clients with "after-expenses" money to invest.
    But, in case the cheerleaders haven't been affected
    (yet), the pool of clients with such resources
    has been shrinking lately. Banks will probably
    recover as the liquidity issues get resolved.
    But returning to a sustainable economic prosperity
    that will bring the real growth back to AMP might
    take a lot longer.

    I think that the reason for the stock drop
    has less to do with bad assets, and more to do
    with a depressing long-term growth story.

    • Interesting. Good points.

      BTW, I'm not a cheerleader for this stock. Just seems they have a good balance sheet while others in the financial services industry struggle. The Motley Fool singled AMP out for just such a thing -- a financial getting hammered through association only.

      Their prospects may be another story, however. Thanks for your insights.

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