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  • chickenhatsdotcom chickenhatsdotcom Feb 19, 2010 3:58 PM Flag

    The fact remains that CCME .......

    is a very very safe stock to own with great upside potential. The first metric I use when buying any stock is to assess downside risk and with CCME, the fundamentals tell you that the stock is a screaming buy, regardless of what the PPS has done lately. I know, everyone wants their prize today, but it's pretty simple, if you are impatient, no one's forcing you to buy and hold the stock. It's my #1 holding and I have no doubt CCME will be a sarling Chinese small-cap fairly soon. There are many people that post on Yahoo! who simply are looking for attention by calling people bagholders, blah blah blah. It's noise. With $110 million in cash and NO debt, any accretive acquisition whatsoever shoots the PPS through the roof and why do I think one will be announced fairly soon ? Because the 10-K states that the current cash on hand is plenty to expand their business organically, thus I can only think that we see a huge acretive acquisition and when that news comes, I will really be adding to what I already have. Good times ahead, so buy the stock and put it under your pillow. The noise will be gone soon enough and the little kids that post here daily will move on to another story whereby they can seek attention.

    Have a nice weekend all.


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