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  • hangmaniceman1 hangmaniceman1 Feb 9, 2011 4:12 PM Flag

    Can't live without volatility...?

    This stock has no volatility, no spread, no range of trade, etc., and every time it goes up a penny or two, it gets hammered by sell orders, etc. I am keeping my eyes on hafc but now it is way down my watch list.

    For most part, it means that I am moving on from hafc.

    Good luck to everyone! It was not too bad all things considered (nice profit). A trader can't live without volatility! When volatility returns, I surely will return.


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    • Hang!
      You missed my previous question.What is your general view on this market?
      Afterall keeping an eye on market risk is equal or more important than specific stock risk control when trading small tech caps.
      In your trading career have you incorporated market timing strategy?

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      • Everyone's been saying for a while that this market is overbought but my general view is that, yeah, the market could use a correction, but until I see a correction, I will continue to trade long. On the technical side, taking some profits from sizeable winners and pruning some positions showing weakness is always prudent. Seasonal traders also keep seasonal cycles in mind (if I have to explain to u-u r not seasonal yet).

        Well, I always try to look at the bigger picture first, look at the longer time frame first, than work myself back to present. It is a lot easier to swim with the tide than to try to swim against the tide. So goes the old adage: "incoming tide that lift all the boats and receding tide that grounds all the boats." Therefore, I think every trader should have in their mind at least which way the tide is pulling.

        Having said that market risk and stock risk are in essence two different risks but up to a certain point there is this allocation of risks that both risks overlap each other. However, since specific stock risks concerns an individual trader and to certain extent the trader decides his own level of risks, one could argue that a trader has less control over the market risks and more control over the specific stock risks, etc. Nevertheless, without a doubt, understanding both risks are important.

        Market timing strategy? I think we all do, don't we? Unless you put your money into 401k every month...

        Hafc looks pretty good. Looks like it could become a j-hook and or bullish flag types of formation. It looks like it could go up or should go up any day but it doesn't... Thus, I keep my one eye on the hafc, manage my current positions, look for new positions and always paying special attention to the bigger market.


        Ps. 93% of U.S. equities owned by 20% of U.S. population and 38% of U.S. equities owned by 1% of U.S. population. The market doubled since bottom and 93% of that money went to 20% of the U.S. population. 1% took 38%... Can you imagine how much money that is...?

      • guys TA is the only way i trade , so i hope tomorrow we blow down to 1.19 closing the gap and turn north. need some vol to do this but i'm waiting a little longer

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