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  • billappledorf Jan 21, 2011 1:48 PM Flag

    Newbie Beware!!!

    sammyjammy and luna-believer/tech_strategy, two posters on this board, are working together to manipulate NSPH price under the feet of unsophisticated retail investors.

    Do yourself a favor and study NSPH thoroughly before you decide whether to invest in this company. If you do invest, be aware that sammyjammy, the short, and his long partner are collaborating to make this stock far more volatile than it should be.

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    • Pepe-

      Your link didn't work. Try it again...

    • Newbie: Just Bill and myself based upon your own due diligence of our posts, rationale, and fact base. If you do, you will realize that I am in fact on the right side of this and Bill A. is a paid basher here to create uncertainty and keep you from buying this stock.

      I will prove it. Bill, enough with the generic warnings. If you do not have a point of view on the value of NSPH, your posts and warnings are worthless. Be clear and be specific. Are you recommending that newbie stays out of the stock? Are you recommending that people should sell now? Or when? At what price? Or, should they buy? At what price?

      Bill has no cogent answer to these questions because his role is to create uncertainty and fear of being trapped.

      You can follow my posts on this stock (Luna_Believer and techstrategy) back for a year to see that I have always maintained NSPH should be north of $5. I have tracked the short interest, the lawsuit, and clinical developments. I advised people to buy in the 3's and take some profit in the 5's. Anyone following my advice has made a lot of money. I am on your side and I have a year's worth of posting history to prove it.

      Bill is relatively new here. He adds no value and no critical thought. And, right now, he wants to "protect you" from making money.

      Bill, my friend, the use of the term my friend is a colloqialism. I know, it is a little over your head, but suffice it to say that my use of it hear is sarcasm.

      Newbie, be clear. Bill A is a paid basher. He is not the negative archetye that SammyJammin is, but instead plays a stupid thick skulled vulnerable investors who feels scammed. For a long time, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought he was just profoundly stupid. But, it's not the case. He is smart and manipulative and he is trying to keep you away from buying the stock.

      Check the record. I post my trades. Check bdmacg. We are real people taking real, concrete positions whose success can be evaluated. I've been successful and will be here again.

      To Bill, Sammy, Submersible, etc... Your day of reckoning has come. You were too arrogant and oblivious to recognize the inherent truth in what I've been posting for the better part of a year -- almost all of the downward price movement was driven by excess short activity. There were no sellers. Now, you are going to have to buy back 2MM shares where there are no sellers. It will get VERY expensive this time... And you deserve all of the pain you will be feeling. Hope the Holiday bonus from your end of year manipulation was good, because it will certainly cost you this year's bonus if not your job...

    • billappledorf Feb 10, 2011 8:24 PM Flag


      The game I am talking about is a tag team, which consists of sammyjammy, who is the short, and luna_believer/tech_strategy, who is the pumper, against you, the unwary investor.

      Luna/Tech keeps trying to pass himself as your and my friend, and he is neither. He is sammyjammy's friend, and the two of them are in the business of whip-sawing you to take your money away.

      I started this thread to shine a light on the game that these two halves of the same tag team have going here, and luna/tech started about half way down it trying to make it look like he and I are pals that are both on your side.

      Luna/tech and I are not pals. He and sammyjammy are pals, and they are working together against you.

      Newbie Beware!!

      Are you a professional trader into hard-ball, dirty tactics? Fine. Have at it. My posts in this thread are not for you.

    • Bill:

      Great. I want to mess up their game too. I think it is predatory, which is why I've tried to be clear about how they operate, how to combat it an ultimately how to profit from it.

      By now I hope you realize that I have been spot on in my analyses. The short interest report which came out last night bore out EXACTLY what I had predicted -- that the shorts decapitated the troponin and then the FDA rally's with MASSIVE increases in short interest to make it look like folks were "selling the news". They weren't. In reality, there have been very few sellers, just borrowers of shares. Which is why I encourage you NOT to put in stop loss orders because they can trigger those through manipulation and force you to BECOME A SELLER and realize the loss.

      Volume is starting to come back.

      Now that most of the risk is out, I will be bringing NSPH to the attention of folks throughout my network (I am NOT institutional, but I do have pretty solid reach in the nanotech community in particular).

      I will wait until after the conference call to encourage people to start buying, just in case there is a material surprise that the shorts have known about or been expecting.

      But, after that, it is time to buy...

    • billappledorf Feb 10, 2011 4:44 PM Flag

      Good point.

      I don't like sharpies trying to jerk me around.

      Making myself out to be the Lone Ranger or Superman looking out for defenseless little guys was just self-righteousness on my part.

      Good catch.

      No. This is about me and what I think of wise guys who try to get over on me.

      If warning off a potential sucker or two messes up their game and shows them they are not as smart as they think they are, that would satisfy the part of my personality that enjoys knocking a self-appointed big-shot down a notch or two.

      So yeah. This is about me. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • Bill-

      <<I don't like seeing retail investors ripped off for their hard-earned money.>>

      Do you know I have heard that RIFF on MANY message boards. And it is always either a SHORT, a disgruntled ex-employee or a BURNED Shareholder. Otherwise, unless you had a FRIEND on the board (which you don't), you would have NO REASON to be here, WASTING YOUR TIME.

      One of my other SPECS, a company called Occulus (OCLS) just JUMPED 40% TODAY. I sold the SPIKE and I'm watching for NSPH to BOTTOM. When it BOTTOMS, and AFTER it TURNS, I may jump back in. Last time it was 60% in LESS than 60 days. And that's why I come by, to MAKE MONEY, not to save someone from MAKING MONEY.

    • I don't want retail to lose money either Bill. That's what you simply do not seem to understand.

      I have outlined a sound, practical and effective investment strategy for this stock that PROTECTS retail. Unfortunately for you, I wasn't active posting it in November when you got in at $5 something and had your stop loss trigger at $5. That sucks -- I wish I had been active then but was focused upon SNIC.

      All of my advise here is focused upon helping retail understand how Sammy / shorts operate.

      In the spirit of full disclosure, I am up to 12K shares. I still have my $3.20 and $3.00 limit orders on the board, so I will add another 10K if it gets to $3.

      I think Sammy and the shorts overplayed their hands, but only time will tell.

    • billappledorf Feb 7, 2011 7:44 PM Flag

      I don't like seeing retail investors ripped off for their hard-earned money.

    • billappledorf Feb 2, 2011 4:47 PM Flag

      Note the silence of the usually loquacious short now and the sudden vociferous presence of the pumper.

      Newbie Beware!!

      Sammyjammy and luna/tech's game is to pump this stock up, dump it, and then bash it down.

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      • It took me a while to realize it, but I now recognize that you are part of Sammy's apparatus.

        You refuse to engage in any factual analysis. You simply make assertions and accusations to attack my credibility. Now I know why. You are playing for the SHORT team. You are actually Sammy's ally (or Sammy by yet another alias). It is the only logical explanation I can come up with for your complete refusal to recognize the facts or to engage in meaningful content oriented discussions rather than name calling.

        I should have recognized it earlier from the basher's handbook. You pretend to be on the side on the newbies and then seek to undermine those on the board posting sound, logical, rational though.

        You've been caught. I trust anyone with a brain to trust the content and thought process of my posts vis a vis yours.

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