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  • techstrategy techstrategy Mar 2, 2011 10:14 AM Flag

    Shorts are desperate to hold it here...

    The large block limit orders near the current price are an attempt to hold off the run. No matter. Time is on our side. More and more support comes in daily. More shareholders = more total capital available to buy if it dips.

    As I've said a few times, I think the shorts are near a margin call. The ferocity with which they drove the stock down after the January approval (from $5.50 to $4.50 within an hour or two) tells me that they CANNOT afford to have this stock close in the 5's. Who knows, with the additional 500K shorts they used to head off that rally, the number may be down to the 4's.

    Margin call is coming to the shorts. I added 1,100 share yesterday, so I am at 41,100. The day is fast approaching where they will not be able to hold it back with a few thousand shares. Someone is going to buy a 50K or 100K block and then gradually accumulate from that point forward.

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    • Well, NSPH is holding $3.10 by "the skin of it teeth". If it holds it will be a TRIPLE BOTTOM.

    • Erik, bdmacg and Bruce:

      Glad to hear folks are holding. It looked to me like some ST speculators came into the stock today and sold out at the end.

      I added 2K more shares, now at 43.1K. I think that bdmacg is right that there is STRONG support around $3.10 and I think that strong support comes from institutions with deep pockets. I am going to refrain from buying anymore (I do already have almost $150K committed to the stock) unless it drops into the 2's.

      I did well on Apple and Google today and basically moved to cash, although I do still hold just in the money weekly call options (I still think Apple and Google have room to run tomorrow if the jobs report is strong -- money has been flowing into both stocks). But, if they do selloff, I am close to the money on each and will simply buy April calls for even less and end up making more in the long run...

      It's going to be a fun month for NSPH. I simply do not think the shorts can hold this down for long...

    • Yeah ! You tell him Mac!


      Still holding my shares guys. I agree with Tech and Bruce.... This is as bottomed out as can be. Volume is not that bad for a stock on no news, 90% on average. I think there will be plenty of good news but one has to be patient.
      CE approval can´t be far away.


    • NOW, NOW, let's not pick on our Dutch poster, Erik Hauer.

      I have Firefox so it corrects spelling, but not in the Subject box. So, if I do any misspellings here, like yours, they will be INTENTIONAL!

    • Well they are doing a pretty good job today given the strong performance of the market (although the nanotech "complex" is not doing well today).

      • 1 Reply to bruce.speck
      • Just watch the spike in short interest in the March 24th report...

        While I'd love to see NSPH rise, I am making a killing on call options elsewhere today. The more they drive it down, the better return I will get from rolling my winnings elsewhere into an artificially low NSPH. It's great.

        I will probably take some profits elsewhere toward the end of the day today, although I'm holding 20 AAPL contracts and it is tough to sell. Huge money is rightfully flowing into AAPL. With the iPad2 matching all competitors on specs while winning on both ecosystem and price, AAPL is going to fly. The "secondary" market for discounted original iPads will further inhibit competitor sales.

        Google should be a lot higher too, but the money flow into it is more balanced. Will probably take some profits on my 30 ITM GOOG call contracts and roll that here.

    • You can tell the shorts are nervous. Bashers are coming out of the woodwork (or Sammy is so anxious he is forgetting to log out and change aliases).

      We now have Sammy, dxgen, submersible, humpdee actively posting over the past two weeks. T minus 29 days... actually, I expect a bigger fish to swallow you whole even sooner than that.

      Wonder who will cover first and squeeze the others?

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