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    • I have lumped you as a paid basher in the sense that I think you are currently paid by a competitor and you bash incessantly because you've burned spurned IMHO.

      I didn't hold any of this stock ever until about $6.00. I'm ahead on it (even more as of today's spike).

      I think NSPH was at $1.35 when I posed the CPHD challenge to you since you were pumping that. On the record, from the date that I posed the challenge to you, are you saying that CPHD will outperform NSPH from that date until end of 2012? Let's get specific and micro. You are bashing here and trumpeting CPHD. So, make a call genius...

    • Wrong again Tech. Have you been right on anything on this board? I could have sworn that you have lumped me and Sammy as "paid bashers"... so now you think I was fired at this cutting edge company??? HA HA HA. Let me see, you sound like a NSPH insider who has been part of the misinformation and have lots of interest to protect - or else why are you the lone passionate voice of a company that has plunged over 90% of its IPO price and has not delivered any growth for the last 11 years? Yes we can expect the same answers from you but they are not credible as evidenced by the stock price, no revenues, lack of publications, lack of collaborations, no technical alliances, no published support from key institutions, you know the stuff that start ups are involved in.

    • newtwo:

      Don't let Sammy and DX freak you out... You don't need to cycle old news. They are paid bashers, here in force at EOQ to scare retail investors. Sub isn't a basher per se, but he plays the EOQ selling / "window dressing" every quarter as well... so he's on the negative side for now...

      The approvals will come. The value of NSPH to an acquirer will grow. BD's protein test fits in an already crowded space... The CLIA waiver is interesting, but no one is looking to use these outside of a medical setting anyway, so moderate complexity is sufficient...

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