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  • karppharm karppharm Feb 26, 2013 3:24 PM Flag

    any reason this is not breaking out?

    seems primed to do so

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    • Knife catchers have left the building, dead cat bounce gambling is done? Just a theory....

    • After receiving bad news, stocks find a bottom (NTSP around $2) and then tend to flat line until something happens (good or bad) to move the shares off the line. IMHO, NTSP will hug 2 Buck Chuck until Q2 report.

      Interesting pick in this week Business Week that describes a company with a robotic gizmo that cleans hospital rooms with a xenon laser -- zapping a lot of bugs laying around the place. Kind of like a robot carpet cleaner. Stick the thing in the room. Close the door. Activate remotely and presto -- in 15 minutes ya got a really sanitized room. Something to watch -- this has huge implications for c.diff, sepsis, and the like. Several hospitals in Europe have already tried it and seem to like it...

      All the very best,

    • What makes you think that this management will perform better than the last? This stock needs to sell its technology to someone knows how to manage, market, staff, promote and finally price the product appropriately. It's not rocket science but somehow management that has the golden goose of sepsis Dx rapidly can not execute. If it ever did (or does), this is a gold mine! My two cents.

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      • Nothing leads me to believe this management will execute better than the last, in fact, I liked the last management group more than the current one. I still think this has good long term potential as all they need to do now is clear a couple of more tests and sell the product. I am not saying it will be easy to do or is any kind of a guarantee, but I think the stock price should be on the rise after the second quarter.

        Sentiment: Hold

    • 2 consecutive quarters of failing to live up to expectations. Still could be a good long-term play.

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