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  • erikglasser2001 erikglasser2001 Oct 11, 2004 3:35 PM Flag

    3 times

    This is the third time that I got shares taken out at 1.50. I've been lightening up for a while now. And 3 times it was the right thing to do. I still have shares and still would like to buy some below a buck. It's still possible and most likely probable it will keep dropping untill it has REAL earnings.

    The pumping here is silly. And is foolish for people to think it will encourage other people to buy. I will keep selling at 1.50 untill I only have 25k shares left. Then I'll just keep the rest for the "just in case" rally.


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    • OK. Yes, I am teaching.
      No, I did not get a computer which is why you hear so little from me. Still trying to make my old laptop work as best as I can. Very hard to communicate anymore with all that has happened to my laptop and other things keeping me busy.

      I certainly do not have high hopes for this dog any more. Tired of all the manipulation and dead end promises of potential that takes them 10 to 50 times longer than what was promised to get things done. Not sure if you will see <$1 though, but then again, I never thought we would see <$1.80 again, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Now, I wonder if we will ever see >$1.80 again!?!?!?!?!???????

      Sorry to hear you have gotten as distateful a feel in your mouth as some of us other long, long, long, long, long-term longs. NTWK just kind of does that to long-term shareholders though. It is good at showing one how stupid being patient can be.

    • Yep, I'll have to agree as well.

      How's everything going? Are you at the teaching job? Get a laptop? I fixed mine and am using it for yahoo IM. It's too damn slow to use it for anything else. Hope you're well.


      I'd like to buy below .80 cents. Anyone besides me and.....oh god, hate to say it.....Wiz, agree NTWK is a penny stock?

    • You got that right.

    • Better pull your sell ticket. The bid's $1.60 now.

    • If you do make money trading,I think that's great.I have nothing against trading.It adds volume.I also think that your mindset as to how NTWK trades will be challenged as NTWK hits profits.Be ready for that.Unknown territory.Will favor longs.

    • All:

      The stock closed well below its high made
      last Friday. There was no volume and the
      price fell. Just as I posted 100 percent
      sure. A fool would post that no volume is
      good. No volume is bad.

      The drop in price will continue on Tuesday.
      Eric and others know how this stock trades.
      "One Day Wonders" are very common.

      Netsolong knows, He also knows how I trade this
      stock and very good at it.

      You newbee's dont know. We do!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Six months from now you're going to greatly regret this "lightening up". Just my 'imho, but I don't think I'm wrong.

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