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  • Stock_Whiz Stock_Whiz Oct 19, 2004 2:27 PM Flag

    I SAY...


    Welcome back. Good to hear from you. Stay
    on board.


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    • If you've ditched your Chicken Little personna, 'Whiz', then let me be the first to offer my kudos.

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      • With all due respect Googol, Whiz just calls it as he sees it. With NTWK, more often than not, the pattern has been continual downtrend with open-ended promises of potential and then developments that NEVER get done on time or done AT ALL.
        The only time it moves up is when there is some promise of potential that a bunch of people buy in to, and then are disappointed months later as they are holding the proverbial bag. Whiz merely tries ot keep pointing that out to us, and I APPRECIATE IT!!!!
        Oh, and of course, it will move up when their backers decide it is time to take their profits and dump their shares into another set of bag holders' hands. The "ONE DAY WONDERS" that Whiz speaks so fondly of.
        It is quite irritating that people who have decided to put money into an investment just cannot stand to have someone point out possible errors in that decision. Negative information is good information as well as positive. AND, you will get enough positive information from the company, but they will NEVER tell you of the negatives unless forces to do so by SEC regulations. Why try to run off posters who are ever-watchful of the other side that the company will not divulge to us? The old, kill the messenger, syndrome. That, and the fact that Whiz can be exhuberantly over confident and egotistical at times, LOL, and can be quite abrasive with his forthright opinons at times. You could be said to have a tendancy to fall into those categories also, my friend.
        However, more times than not, WHIZ IS RIGHT. And, whether you want to believe it or not, he has done quite well with his trading of this dog. So, please welcome people that have negative things to point out as well as those that keep wanting to post how pie-in-the-sky this investment is, because it is certainly anything but that.

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      by: ovinaa 10/14/04 08:15 pm
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      Re: HEY WHIZ...
      by: ovinaa 10/12/04 06:24 pm
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      Re: Whiz is here
      by: ovinaa 10/09/04 09:38 pm
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      (If you were smart you would have sold
      yesterday. I and others have seen this
      before. Its only a one day wonder. )

      I want you to confirm if you sold your shares friday. did you?

      this the fifth time I ask you to answer this post. finally I have call your bluff.

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