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  • jerz2ct jerz2ct May 12, 2011 1:10 PM Flag

    How can NetSol dominate China with only $40m in revenue?

    This was a very nicely written and well thought out post. I agree with most everything you said, except take exception to this sentence: "The price will start to rise strongly very soon" as it is speculation, and wishful thinking, at best.

    Nothing I have seen supports this until revenue dramatically increases. Growth and profitability have been nice but not enough to move the stock. In fact, it's down 25% over recent highs.

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    • excellent post. it's amazing nobody knows how to invest by holding a stock. being impatient, people will never ride up a stock 500% or more. everyone wants instant profits. it's very sad.

      for me, i'm happy to buy a stock whose earnings are just beginning to enter a new phase of growth and will last for at least a few years.

      the product offerings are exceptional. does anyone realize what the iso certifications mean? being in software i know it's extremely important to have these certifications as it allows ntwk to compete with the billion $ companies as ntwk are MASTERS OF SOFWARE. this distiction is very important to compete for very large contracts.

      i will sit back, relax, laugh at all the shories & accumulate shares & WAIT A FEW YEARS. you see, shorties need money now, investors will wait a few years because when the stock really explodes to the upside serious money is made.

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      • Kscott

        Don't put NTWK shareholders in a corner as if they are "instant" profit hunters.

        Every investor wants profit, and you are no exception.
        after being undervalued with a PPS of less than 1 USD, this company turned a loss into a profit for 6 quarters in a row

        Add all the prospects and even you should come to the conclusion that the present PPS is a joke.

        that's what the discussion and the frustration is about

        There are people in this stock
        longer than you and me for maybe 5 usd or more. You can sit back with a buing price of maybe 1 USD...they cannot.

        Give them room to express their frustration...instead of putting them in a corner

        For the record....I am not one of them...just understand the full picture

      • KSCOTT,

        Good point. In fact on the conference call, Mike Vernut, from Newland Capital, after his questions were answered, said this:

        "This quarter is the starting point for everything. We're in good shape."

        This guy is sheparding 4m shares. He is the same guy I mentioned earlier who was at the investor's meeting and said, "You'd have to be crazy to sell NetSol here."

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