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  • mhsheldon Jun 17, 2013 6:29 PM Flag

    Communicate with NTWK directly

    Ill post this again as I have had some good interaction with investors on Stockr, a new social media platform for the investment community. If you have questions or concerns on the company, why not ask or address them directly with the company. Please go to Stockr and post a question and I would be happy to address it - There is also a lot of information available there as well. Matt - IR for NetSol Technologies

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    • Thanks for the site. I appreciated this answer to a major concern on this board posted yesterday.

      NetSol Technologies Inc.
      I received two questions today regarding Dilution and I would like to clarify for everyone. Last quarter there was a jump in share count due to a convertable debt holder converting debt to equity. As of the time of the call all debt was converted, meaning that NetSol no longer has debt or the associated interest payments. It also means that you will not see a similar uptick in sharecount as all debt has be converted. Investors should also note that NetSol purchased minority interest, increasing ownership of the company for investors which offsets dilution - I think this is something that tends to get overlooked.

      The minority interest he is talking about is the Netsol Pakistan . They mention the increase during the CC, its was near the end if you go look.

    • Matt - this is really great of you/Netsol for making IR directly/immediately available to get real answers to questions quickly. However, much of the power the bashers have is in their anonymity and ability to create multiple phoney ids to play their games. I went over to Stockr to check it out, but to create an account it requires a Facebook id. For bashers, they absolutely will not register. For legitimate inquiries, I think many people who might participate get turned off when needing to connect with their FB account - I know for me that turned me off. From personal experience, I once participated in an online forum where my real name was used, I attracted a stalker, they made personal threats to me, and attempted extortion. They then went to LinkedIn, found my employer, decided to begin calling my HR department, and attempting the extortion there. This then caused problems for me with my employer. So, now I will never use my real personal info online when it is outside Facebook and my circle of family/friends - I always recommend others do the same and never use FB-linked sites/services as the trail is online permanently and only raises the potential for problems down the road. If I had a question for the company/IR, I'd email you directly. Again, no basher would, as they aren't looking for the true answers, just creating the misinformation. Though I'd love to see what others are asking and the company response, for the above reason(s) I won't participate.

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      • mhsheldon Jun 18, 2013 11:20 AM Flag

        I think you have a vaild point - If you are not comfortable positng information, you can monitor whats is being said about the company simpleyy by typing NetSol Techologies into the search area on the right hand side of stockr. In addition, you are welcome to send me an email or call me directly if you have questions. Alternatively, you can send me a question and i would be happy to post it on stockr as a question that i received and then I would be happy to respond to it. As to engaging on this platform, I am making an excpetion as i do think you have a good point and i do want to make sure that im available to the investors - that said, I dont know of any company where IR engages actively on this platform for a variety of reasons.

      • I'm sorry for your experience but its nice to see comments people are willing to stand behind. An anonymous comment on these boards are about as useless as jk's life or which ever alias he is on. Won't have to worry about those dumb comments meant to infuriate rather than educate. Even if you just read the question and answers its better than here. Accountability is lost on this board.

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