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  • o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Aug 19, 2013 6:40 PM Flag

    Shares preparing to go significantly higher with earnings announcement

    I've seen this type of action numerous times where you have a couple of idiots spreading the FUD as these two do. It's too bad that they scare folks out of their positions simply because most are novices and don't want to hold if the shares go down as little as 25 cents from where they bought.

    However, once the company provides the earnings, and reconfirms strong business going forward the stock will break to new highs. And immediately thereafter, guess what? The two idiots will just keep posting the same things. At the end of the day though, who do you think will win out - the $100 million company with over 100% yoy earnings growth, or the two dips who don't own any shares and post nonstop because they want the shares to go lower so they can buy? They both admit as much...they want to buy shares at lower prices.

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    • The sudden drop at the close is a tell as to the value seen in netsol. It means some buyer is trying to keep shares cheap so that it founders at the open the next day and they pick up another 10k shares near their ten dollar target. That is only my hypothesis.

    • l.o.l you clown... listen to yourself (shares preparing to go significantly higher) clown, its been going down little by little each day... see you in the 9's real soon.... maybe even today clown... Buy AMD AMD AMD AMD AMD AMD.... Read the seeking alpha article today how they have turned the corner to earnings
      in 2nd half 2013... thinks they could earn at least .41 cents a share and trade at least at $6.15 a share..
      Do yourself a favor clown and buy it you will thank a lot of people in 6-12 months...

    • I am sorry to say the majority of people trading netsol are mentally #$%$. it's the only explanation for teh trading activity. Either that or its all just a big marinate game by a few MM working together. No one who is sane will trade a stock like the action here.

      Anyway its obvious buy what you can before earnings. Even the idiots can see that. 2 weeks left.

    • If someone sells based on a board post or buys for that matter well who's fault is that? get what you pay for ..don't so the work and you end up paying the easy money in this world...none...ever..always a price to pay. GL

    • blah blah blah..... you will be able to buy shares at a lower price too, if you have enough coins in your cookie jar bozo..

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