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  • omarhatesyoutube omarhatesyoutube Oct 20, 2013 8:11 AM Flag

    People would pay 12 a share for ntwk after last earnings report number.

    Remember we still have big contracts in the pipeline, not all were recognized last quarter we know for sure because the revenue number are way lower than 1/3 of total (big contracts) contracts signed.

    This means either those contracts will be recognized next quarter or they will trickle in giving solid quarter after quarter income boost. Netsol is going to be beating previous year revenue quarter after quarter. And china income should be up at least 10-20% this quarter, where unfortunately netsol gets a lot of income (because people don't trust china). But it will work to the positive for now, remember the companies netsol does business with in china are tied to Major global brand names form around the world. If Toyota and Mercedes is doing business fine than so is netsol.

    Here I believe we still have 14M in contract reveneu to recognize next quarter.

    And be prepared for Monday Pakstan holiday is ending, if there will be news release it will be out son after holiday, is common occurrence in good spirits. SO expect may announce something soon.

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    • you dot get it, pumper, the earnings reports are BOGUS !!
      And that is why,, you are a PUMPER !!

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      • Hey gui, I admit I am pumping, but why do I pump, I pump becasue they deserve it and I truly believe that. Insha'Allah, I may be a criminal but I truly believe what I say is criminal for justice. becasue administrated justice is more often than not corrupt against the prophet, and corrupt against the common people. Lets look at teh facts.

        #1 Netsol takes RnD expenses and capitalizes, ok, but WHAT DO THEY CAPITALIZE? Only what makes a proven profit IE NFS and NFS mobile, they do not capitalize unproven technologies like vroozi, that comes as cost. And I seriously on my grave believe Vroozi has good potential i have seen first hand it's platform, over the next year you will expect Vroozi to modernize and attract customers form around the world. Because it is simple, integrates with handheld phones. has very easy and intuitive interface and because netsol has their low cost support network to provide guide and respond to customer demands. Insha'Allah I would not say these things if iI do not truly believe. How do you think NFS was formed? By miracle? No by true work and vision of leadership of company. Shaz Khan is a genius I know him. He will make this success like NFS. Juts like Najeeb make NFS huge unexpected success. get ready for it, major revenue stream 2015 it is coming.

    • This chart shows what I thin may happen. We can bounce off o 7 low area, next earnings maybe takes us to 9 until we figure out if we are breaking up or down form the triangle. my guess is up, based on historic pps / share performance

      goo (dot) gl/QfRpxi

    • My first buy in on netsol was from 6-7.50, and after earnings i was buying even more at 8.50. Then sell at 10.

      Today netsol is doing WAY better than when I bought it first time back at 6. Like earnings much better revenue much better, even book value is about the same now after all money was earned. Last time she goes form 6 to 13.50 n under a year, settles at 10.

      I expect netsol will reach between 16-11 within a year, if you are patient. Earnings reports will show us that netsol is running on all cylinders you better believe it. Weak hands are OUT! they will want to buy the same shares back again when we cross 11. We will be up 50% in 1/2 a year for sure, wall street will not ignore netsol after continued quarter profits form booming china auto leasing sector. That is good portfolio return. Sure retailers will ignore it and run, but hedge funds are still buying up netsol and they will not ignore it

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