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  • imadeadcat imadeadcat May 3, 2003 9:12 AM Flag

    Corporate Fraud (fwd) -2

    You missed my point. My reference to Mrs. Clinton and her ability to trade commodities successfully is an example of something even her defenders doubt. Always doubt the advice coming from brokerage firms, particularly those with investment banking relationships. And lawsuits that uncover biased research from brokerage firms highlight something which is and has been obvious to any serious investors(you're included in that catergory I hope). The lawsuits are the equivalent of discovering that used car salesmen exaggerate. Duh?!! As to your question....Can someone explain what in the world, Enron, WCOM( apalling examples of corporate crime which are being prosecuted), etc have to do with Hillary Clinton? Nothing ( your reference, not mine). As far as what they have in common.... unfortunately, I can think of a few things as can you. Maybe that's why YOU put them in the same sentence?