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  • imadeadcat imadeadcat May 18, 2003 9:04 PM Flag

    VPI /Argentina

    At this point VPI is all about Argentina and the price of OIL. So far oil is holding up, ng is strong but the jury is out on whether the new honcho is Nestor the Molestor, or Kirshner the ???? Prosperater? Market reaction so far is negative.

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    • imadeadcat:

      Friday was a real worthless day for VPI and the trading action was terrible.

      Argentina and its influence on VPI's share price?

      On Friday APAGF was down a little over 2.5% and YPF up a few cents. From the start of the year YPF is up a huge 80%+ and APAGF over 40%.

      IF VPI had followed those two up (at their average), VPI would be sitting at arounf $16 a share.

      Barcharts shows VPI is the 6th WORST performing company in the sector so far YTD.


      IMO it a a company specific problem: VPI is a POS.

      A rising tide is supposed to lift all boats (increasing oil and NG prices), but (being a little vulgar) VPI is a turd!!!! What does a rising tide do for those?????