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  • imadeadcat imadeadcat May 19, 2003 5:17 PM Flag

    VPI /Argentina

    Again, maybe VPI is undervalued....I hope so since that is what I seek. You make the point with the performance versus YPF and APAGF. There are company specific problems at VPI, but my sense is you've uncovered value in this "POS", to use your description. My worry about VPI and Argentina revolve around Nestor's leftist leanings and his ability to thwart the VPI "value".

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    • imadeadcat:

      All I know is that based upon the assets VPI is holding, they appear to be undervalued.

      So far the management of VPI is unable or unwilling to unlock the value in those assets and pass them on to the shareholders.

      Will the market ever value VPI shares at a higher price? Who knows...

      Maybe we will see a little movement, but I doubt that with the current people sitting in boardroom and the current management it will go up very much.

      So far the action today stinks with almost every higher trade soon matched by an ask price lower than the previous trade. Somebody is selling the crap out of VPI...

      I wonder if they are shorts???

      Alos see that SFY is zooming up. It has put in a real good performance since it was downgraded and fell into the $7 plus area...