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  • imadeadcat imadeadcat May 21, 2003 4:57 PM Flag

    How many of you feel that this market

    I feel the market is "manipulated" by buyers and sellers. Somedays there is more buying interest and the prices go up. Then, amazingly, on other days there is more selling interest. Definitely "manipulation". Damn that Trilateral Commission, I still think Kissinger is the master manipulator, he and that we don't see him so often... I bet he's in cahoots with that worm Grasso over at the NYSE. Here's my plan. Keep it secret. We all go on Yahoo web sites and write about the manipulation and then the NY Times hears about our postings and assigns a top flight 26 year old reporter to do a page one above the fold story on the manipulation. We won't need any facts to back up our case because we know they'll make up juicier quotes than we could ever imagine. Do you think my plan has legs??