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  • oh_fyi oh_fyi Mar 26, 2013 11:27 PM Flag

    If someone were to pick up OTT now, would they still receive new equity?

    I saw something about voting and releases, usually that suggests no release = no equity. Anyone have any idea if releases can be submitted independent of the vote?

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    • Yes. The vote is over and OTT is currently in the BK process. The OTT IDS units consisting of one share of stock and one subordinated note will continue to trade until the reorganization process in complete. Its estimated that this will happen sometime in June. At the point OTT reemerges from BK, your current IDS units will be cancelled and you will receive your pro rata shares of the new OTT. The "new" OTT will not be anything like the current OTT as far as capital structure is concerned. From a previous post:

      1.Debt cut in half.
      2 Extends the credit facility to 2016.
      3. Aligns Senior Lenders interest with the new equity holders.
      4. Lowers OTT's interest rate on the remaining debt.
      5. Disposes of the worst capital structure ever devised by man.

      The new OTT also will not pay out an unsustainable dividend and ridiculous interest payment as it had in the past. The company of course will have to perform in a difficult environment, but a massive burden will have been lifted. Hope the headlines keep screaming "bankruptcy" because I'm not quite done accumulating yet.