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  • gosnapgo gosnapgo Nov 25, 2013 3:59 PM Flag

    Reversal Imminent

    It looks like a big reversal is coming. Every single indicator I see is showing this is way oversold and because it has been so sharp, a reversal will likely happen in the coming days. Great buy opp here.

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    • My random thought and your opinion to Snap and Ron, when people say "insiders selling" I understand that 'insiders' means the executives, not just the managers or below them. In this kind of very small company, though, those entry level employees may know what is going on with the company. These employees can usually afford to buy a few thousand shares of this kind of cheap stock. The recent sell off could be due to these insiders selling because they may know November sale is not that great. What do you think? I am long and still gaining some at today's closing price.

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      • Lee I don't think the selling is insiders, but I guess it's possible... I don't believe the November numbers are declining... I just think that the stock went up so fast people are taking profits... There is pressure on the stock price and people don't want to lose the gains they have made... I sold at 1.77 because the momentum began to slow... But that being said, I will be adding if it falls further... But I have no problem adding if the stock starts going higher because they are executing well and I believe the stock is going to be 3 or 4 dollars a share by spring... I'm just trying to get the best bang for my buck is all... And obviously this is all just my opinion... GLTA..... Ron

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    • I think we will go lower from here snap... The 50 day got broke here today, and I have been buying on the way down... But that being said, I do believe we get closer to the dollar range and have quit adding til' we get closer to that... The stock is fine, but in my opinion people are simply taking profits.... Which after the run up, it's going to happen.. In my opinion the price was already priced into the news the company was releasing.... Now they have to follow through on the growth that has started... And I truly believe they will... But I think there will be opportunities to ad just a bit lower here... Hope I'm wrong, but just my gut......

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