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  • measohony measohony Mar 6, 2014 11:52 AM Flag

    Why buy this stock?

    Is this stock just a dividend play?
    Broker suggested I buy this....Serious replays please.

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    • Down a buck since the broker cold called me. I think I'll stick with my strategy of avoiding cold caller
      recommendations in the short term. Long term, when oil prices recover, this should pop up nicely.
      That dividend sure looks nice, but look how far the mREITs fell, and they had similar yields.
      PS: The SPR release seems to have been arranged, on purpose, to depress the price of oil, to hurt
      Russian economics.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • no_mercy1 Mar 13, 2014 2:04 PM Flag

        The SPR release is a deliberate attempt to deny Putin sale of Russian oil. This Obama administration is no different than the crooked ones before him.

        When the Right Reverend Ronald Regan was in office, the "evil empire" needed to be brought down and that administration manipulated down the precious metal prices thereby denying the Soviet Union hard currency which led to its breakup. Now this administration is doing the same with oil. That pigeon in the White House will do anything to shove pie into Putin’s face. Most vindictive President I have had seen since Lyndon Johnson.

        But this too will pass so buy the downtrodden oil stocks.

      • You made your first post on 3/7 when the price closed at $9.07, .61 cents lower so nowhere near a buck down since your first post and you never even said you bought. Beginning to think a poster here's initial reaction to your posts was correct. The entire oil drilling sector is down nearly 4% today and the SPR release of sour crude was to hint to the Russkies that we were prepared to send "sour crude", which is what they pump over there, to Europe and any other countries in the area needing help with any supply disruptions.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • Thanks for all replays...much appreciated!

    • Get on Utube search for TradeWinds - John Fredriksen,he is the Man befhind this company, SFL, SDRL the list is long,Companys you should also buy on dips. SDRL owns 74% od NADL. John's divis are 1 mill per day,the girls are loaded also.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Highlights
      › Fourth quarter 2013 EBITDA of US$137.6 million
      › Fourth quarter 2013 net income of US$48.0 million and EPS of US$0.211
      › Regular quarterly cash dividend increased to US$0.23 per share

      How will they be able to pay this dividend...Isn't that a return of share holder capital from the IPO
      of .75 cents per year?

    • I bought it for $8.78 last week. I worked in oil and gas for four years and this company is well positioned in the North Atlantic. Great customers. (Exxon, shell, Total, Statoil) Harsh weather rigs will continue to be in demand in the next 3-5. Adding two new rigs over next 12 months. Revenue growth, eps growth and very cheap. Most driller trade at a P/E of 12-15 NADL is roughly 7.5-8. I Like the trade for the next 12-18 months. Not sure after that. Also, you'll see analyst reports coming out I believe this week. Should receive around a $11-$13 price target.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • The risk is, there no oil found where they drill...Also received a call from a P&D broker this am...serves as
      a warning for buyers.

    • Nice dividend and a company with pricing power and the ability to raise rates.

    • Definitely some risk. Go to NADLs website and you will see their rigs are nicely positioned. I oil prices continue upward NADL will do great. A lot of buyers are not aware of the great dividend, because it is not listed yet on the yahoo website. The info is readily available on NADLs website. The fact the company is majority owned by Seadrill gives it both credibility and stability. I say buy on the dips and you cant really go wrong.

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