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  • hopeful200 hopeful200 Jul 12, 2012 4:12 PM Flag

    Who is getting the shares at .47?

    I think it's going to be the buy of the decade later this year?

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    • No....the buy of the Decade was picking them up at 17 cents and dumping at 70 cents----

      That is a Big Boy move of 412%

      Imagine if a Fella tossed $5K in at 17 cents and sold at the top

      Sweet and easy $15K profit---THAT is the Deal of the Decade I think

      I am so glad i did not wait for the "Convergence" that should have converged by now.

      Looks like the confluence of the convergence is constipated before the Conflux arrives.

      And the Voulme? Scary Low.

      I think this thing had its move already for the year and i want back in around 20 cents or so. Good Luck to all---

      Aint gonna be any conflux of perfect conditions anytime soon.

      It is Not liquid enough and absolutely zero cach inflow on the stock.

      Too hard to get out if the wheels come off; you will get slaughtered if you place a market sell order if the Convergence of factors is negative.

      Didn't your Father ever tell you never get in a Standoff and fight it out in a basement? Gotta have an EASY exit if things dont go your way.

    • From your lips to God's ears...though I wasn't the lucky one.

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