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  • meifud meifud Dec 6, 2013 12:21 PM Flag

    hey, bentdowntab, your bud shifty says whatever a man sows he will reap


    how's your harvest doing these days?
    about as well as the unbelievably small-minded, myopic shifty?
    some have said that even heirball and hopeful-no-more have been smart enough to start getting out -- fearful of what they have sowed...

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    • oops...forgot to mention I also hold LOJN, COOL, and SSY. I lightened up a bit on LOJN at 4.6 and am about breakeven right now on COOL and up a little on SSY. LOJN is a pretty good size position for me, COOL and SSY are small.

      I'd love to hear which stocks you current hold long or short.

      I don't short stocks, seems too much risk for a best-case 100% gain. Way easier buying something like HTCH at 3 and selling it at 12 - 15 in a year or two. Or SPDC at 38 cents and selling at 3.80ish a couple years later....which I did...hehehe....all smiles. Now if I had only been smart enough not to sell my CNQR and DWCH shares way way to soon. Win some big, win some small, lose some too.

    • Hi mei, Thanks for asking. My harvest is plentiful. I sold the last of my BFDI earlier this week at .179 and took a small net loss on my position. But not to worry, I had many shares of UVE from 6 - 9 months ago, the last of which I sold at 12.46 this week. ACI has also been kind to me the last couple weeks, hold a core position at 3.96 and bought/sold a bunch of other shares 3X in the last few weeks for good gains. Unloaded all my BAC in the upper 15s a week or so ago and AA in the 9.6 range. Made 30% on LTRX in two months, sold it all between 1.85 and 2.02. Also sold all my MMM and PEP that I held and accumulated since 1995 in their DRP programs. Also made a spectacular day trade on SPDC a few days ago, still hold a core position. Sorry to ramble.

      These are some of my current positions: HTCH, MCZ, ACI, MEA, VTSI, COCO, INVE, ANR, HPT, TANN, PNNT, QCCO, NTWK, MRK, PFE, SPDC, NUE, and a few others. My weightings are all over the map. Biggest positions are HTCH, MCZ, MEA, MRK. Even with HTCH I was pretty lucky having sold all but 5k shares before the drop from the 6s. Current position is in the low 3s. IT WILL BE A $15 STOCK WITHIN TWO TOO TO YEARS. Buy some and enjoy.

      Yep, life's good.

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