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  • cheating_stock_invester cheating_stock_invester Feb 22, 2014 12:00 PM Flag

    Many things ramping up at ALXA

    10 job postings since beginning of the year, more word from King what will come in next few months within two weeks. It looks to get more interesting for 2014-2015. Almost guaranteed 300% in 18 months is not bad.

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    • ask yourself what is the downside of ALXA, there are startup costs involved in building a company like this. If you were a new entrant to the stock at today's prices, buying X% of a $95mm valued company with an approved FDA drug, IP and rights to a platform that changes how drugs can be delivered, what is the downside risk at current valuation? I would say very little for it to be discounted at these levels, yet massive upside potential. Even if you were to dilute 50% and your 1% of $95mm becomes 1% of $40mm, from that level, you can still make easy 200% when it realizes its reasonable valuation. Now is the time to get in. Same as buying AAPL in 2000 vs 1990 was the right time to get into AAPL.

    • the beauty of adasuve is it is addicting to patients that have these reoccurring episodes, they will look for it, like a tired truck driver looks for a shot of 5 hour energy and a homeless guy looks for more heroin to get his fix. fast acting drugs is what causes addiction because when they need a quick fix they look for the best solution that yields best results. This is regulated form of drug dealing, all drugs are subject to abuse unless it is properly controlled.

      I expect UK to be launched shortly and in timing with US Teva launch we will hear more good things soon.

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      • In fact, loxapine, the drug in adasuve, has absolutely no addicting properties and is not a controlled substance. Some fast acting drugs can be addicting, but not all fast acting drugs are addicting.

      • UK NICE terminated the appraisal of adasuve (TA286 inhalaled loxapine). Alexza did not provide the required documentation to NICE to complete the process of approval in the UK. Perhaps their EU partner will restart the processes but they haven't yet. So adasuve in UK is a minimum of many months away (Q4 2014?)

        "Advice NICE is unable to recommend the use in the NHS of loxapine inhalation for treating acute agitation and disturbed behaviours associated with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder because no evidence submission was received from the manufacturer of the technology."

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