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  • thomas41242004 thomas41242004 Nov 5, 2005 9:18 AM Flag

    Upside Target 6.14 to 6.39

    With the year-end stock market rally now in gear I would look for a fig 38% to 50% retracement in IMGN's stock from its recent down move from 7.48 to 5.30. I am a strong buyer at today's close or lower and will continue to add positions when prices are below these levels. We now have the market in our favor, the stock, its sector, and strong seasonal factors in our favor for IMGN + the potential for some positive news on IMGN. As I see it, you can't gets much better odds in your favor for a rising stock.

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    • write this down in your file somewhere...patience said that millennium is posturing on this mln2704 toxicity business...

      they are not having a toxicity problem narrowing their windows if they have reached doses of 340mg/m2 without finding dlt...write it down...for those of you new to this nomenclature, dlt stands for dose limiting toxicity...

      write this down also...the delay in the onset of the n901 mm trial was not because they couldn't find sufficient patients...they're opening multiple clinics to test this drug, and i doubt if they will stand idle in each of them for months on end trying to find a patient...those that have been following my lament will understand what i'm saying...

      we have a ceo that's playing hardball...and that's a good thing...some of you will understand...larry with chagrin...


    • understand something about millennium...they cannot afford to have a legitimate competitor for velcade...that's all they have...

      immunogen along with dana farver? are expanding the trials for n901 in mm...this could be the reason for the expanded clinical capability being developed...

      also, in listening to the webcast again, it was stated that dna will have three posters presented...if three is all they have, i'll sleep better tonight...


    • but, the two hematologic drugs, 901 for mm, and my9-6 for aml, will trump them all...

      then sanofi didn't re-up because of the aml drug...they already have that...we will almost certainly hear more from them...

      actually, i'd like to see $1 again...i can't afford much more than that...


    • BOB

      The shots on goal on disappearing one at a time. We are now back at center ice once again and have lost an opportunity to go into Phase II with the FDA giving its blessing. Fast track or special project drug, it just does not work once again.

    • " you really believe even with some toxicity issues MLNM would abandon a drug that was dramatically lowering PSA levels and leading refractory patients to partial response."

      There are not enough facts known for me to answer that question. Too many variables--the degree of toxicity, the dosage levels at lower toxicity and the responses seen, etc.

      All I know for certain is that (1) the Street has punished IMGN's stock price during the biotech rally that began mid October and (2) MLNM has raised a flag with comments about toxicity and a therapeutic window that needs widening. I think you can stop hyping about pivotal trials at this juncture until the air clears.


    • Bob, do you really believe even with some toxicity issues MLNM would abandon a drug that was dramatically lowering PSA levels and leading refractory patients to partial response. The very least I'd expect from MLNM would be going into some other protocols, perhaps including some drug combination, before they committed to Pivotal Trial. At that point they would probably be Phase III.

      What's completely unknown is what the drug will do in non refractory patients and especially as an initial treatment. It will be many years before that can be known, but there's good reason to believe that these patients should be able to take greater dosages without toxic side effects.


    • "You'll get them for $2.00-$2.50."

      That would imply a 50%+ haircut if MLNM bails on MLN2704. I don't see that but I can see IMGN taking a quick drop into the $3s before recovery. If it hits $2, I'm good for another 25,000 shares. IMGN should have four or five drugs in trial by the end of 2006 even if MLNM drops out--I still like the odds and will be a player.


    • You'll get them for $2.00-$2.50

    • "i am buying in the 4 dollar range"

      If MLNM drops MLN2704, you for sure will get that opportunity unless there is some counter surprise like DNA entering the clinic with an IMGN conjugate. I was recently thinking about adding to my position given the ever declining stock price, but I will wait until we get pass the MLNM decision. Even if MLNM drops MLN2704, there are other shots on goal left. I believe perhaps two new drugs will enter human trials in 2006. IMGN could have a pretty full plate for a $4 stock and I think it would be extremely attractive at that price. Its actually attractive now but I wouldn't mind stealing the shares.


    • what would cause you to say imgn might go under 5!!!!!!!.2006 should be better because more partnerships should come along right

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